10 Color Options for the Children's Room

CHILD & COLOR  •  10 February 2023
Kraft paints Tangerine twist

Every day, our children spend a lot of time in their room. Therefore, the quality of the air we breathe becomes more valuable and is directly linked to their physical and mental health. That's why KRAFT Paints takes care of our children, ensuring that its products do not compromise the quality of the indoor environment. The certified colors of the Master family ensure good indoor air quality in the spaces where your children live!

We have gathered 10 shades that we believe will transform your baby's or child's room into a magazine-worthy space!

kraft paints CG459 To proto Fili

1. CG 451 To proto fili 

But tell us, wouldn't you choose this color based on its name alone? We fell in love with it and believe it will uniquely dress the walls and dreams of every little princess! 

2. KR 1014 Sundown /F 

As soon as the sun goes down, the colors become pale and wonderful. Let this sweet feeling flood the kids' room, giving notes of elegance that last over time.

kraft paints KR1014 Sundown
kraft paints CG503 Fyllo Elias

3. CG 503 Fyllo Elias 

A symbol of peace, wisdom, fertility, prosperity, and luck from ancient times to the present day, the olive tree holds an important place in the daily life of the Greeks, and its color calms us down, generating a sense of peace. We loved this color! Do you?

4. CG 503 Efxaristo 

The most beautiful word in the Greek language becomes a color that will "dress up" your son's room and offer him a unique sense of tranquility, which is essential for boys! Do you agree? 

kraft paints CG508 Efxaristo
kraft paints CG457 Sagapo

5. CG457 S’Agapo 

The sweetest color of KRAFT Paints also has the sweetest name. Your daughters will be overjoyed in their new room while suddenly all the frames and furniture will be highlighted in a completely magical way! 

6.KR1898 Floral Fantasy /F 

Did you know that a healthy atmosphere increases comfort levels and, in combination with a beautiful aesthetic environment, can increase serotonin, otherwise known as the "feel-good hormone"? The Floral Fantasy shade is ideal for a teenage bedroom's wall, combined with a very light version of it to keep the room from getting dark! It's certain that teens will love their room after this change! 

kraft paints Flora Fantasy
kraft paints Almost Grey

7. KR1071 Almost Grey /F 

There are those kids, in their pre-teen and teenage years, who just don't want color. It's so simple and clear. However, "not wanting color" doesn't necessarily imply white. Choose the very sweet Almost Grey, and you will see that even if they don't admit it, teenagers will love it! In fact, this color is also chosen by many new mothers for their babies' rooms, in order to place stickers with stars, rainbows, unicorns, or the baby's name on it! 

8. CG 465 Kalo Mina /F 

When color is so positive by nature, then the children's room follows suit! Choose the shade "Kalo Mina," and it's very likely that you'll love it so much that you'll extend it to other rooms in your home, such as the living room! 

kraft paints Kalo mina
kraft paints Love Bird

9. KR17 11 Love Bird /F 

Kraft Paints' Love Bird is the most beautiful thing you can do in your son's room. If he loves space, planets, and the starry sky, bring them all... right next to his bed! Choose to paint one wall with this wonderfully sweet navy blue and let your little astronomer dream of exploring space! 

10. KR1333 Tangerine Twist  

A classic favorite color of children, it creates a sense of happiness and offers vibrancy and joy! Between salmon and peach, this intense orange shade will make your child's room look like it came out of a child’s dream! 

The only thing left is to choose which shade best suits your child's psychology! 

Kraft paints Tangerine twist