Bo Concept

Interior design and the world of colors give you inspiration for your home!

Η KRAFT Paints and BoConcept have decided to bring a new hands-on and live experience to consumers. Redecorating a space can be a challenge, requiring many small and big decisions. Both companies, with remarkable experience in their fields, take the concept of configuration in interior design one step further with LIVE painted spaces in stores using KRAFT Paints' shades.


KRAFT Paints is the first paint manufacturer in Greece to voluntarily analyze the emissions of masonry paints, confirming, ensuring, and certifying the quality of its products through the renowned and widely accepted "Indoor Air Comfort®" and "Indoor Air Comfort GOLD®" certifications. In collaboration with Eurofins, the global market leader in volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions testing, this ensures that the products do not pose a health risk.

All BoConcept wooden furniture is certified with "The Indoor Climate Label" regarding gas and odor emissions, guaranteeing safety for you and your home.

A healthy atmosphere and the footprint we leave behind is one of the fundamental principles of our collaboration.

Interior Designer & Colour Consultant Service

Visit BoConcept stores and look for spaces marked with Kraft Paints color labeling. We hope you have a unique customer experience and make the decision to renew your space!


The Co-operative Innovation Scheme operates, with the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES - KAPE) as a Sponsor, in the development of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficient Products that serve the achievement of zero consumption or positive contribution of buildings and infrastructure to the electrical grid. 

The Co-operative Innovation Scheme is supported through two Actions of the Operational Program “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation” (EPAnEK) of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (NSRF) for the period 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and national resources. 

The participation of the Druckfarben Group is significant, as sustainability is present throughout the entire product supply chain, using raw materials with a low carbon footprint and recycled packaging certified by external bodies, contributing to the circular economy. With a focus on innovation across the entire spectrum of its activities, the Druckfarben Group, through the production and marketing of the BIOCLIMA® energy upgrade systems and the architectural paints of KRAFT Paints, consistently strives and succeeds in meeting and exceeding the highest international standards in terms of sustainable practices at every stage of industrial production. 

The results of the program will improve the strategic planning and outward orientation of the  Co-operative Innovation Scheme, focusing on new job positions in R&D and supporting the message of "Greek Innovation that perfectly aligns with KRAFT Paints & Bioclima®’s strategy. 

Biennale of Young Greek Architects 

KRAFT Paints supports creativity and the field of architecture, as an official supporter of the Biennale of Young Greek Architects. 

The values of the Biennale are in perfect harmony with the philosophy of KRAFT Paints, which aims to promote young creators through the offer of innovative and technically excellent products that contribute to the successful outcome of their work. 

KRAFT Paints values every step, developing quality and innovative products with dedication and expertise. This action in support of the Biennale institution highlights the company's commitment to rewarding and supporting individual creativity, universal values, and the social dimension of architecture. 

Συνεργασία Kraft Bo Concept
Συνεργασία Kraft Bo Concept
Συνεργασία Kraft Bo Concept