Nova Paints Club

The Nova Paints Club is an industry group consisting of the world’s leading independent paint manufacturers. It was established in 1983 by highly reputable paint companies seeking innovative ways to compete with the larger multinationals. For over 30 years, Nova members have collaborated, sharing their knowledge, insight, and resources in a spirit of friendship and cooperation. Thanks to this innovative approach, Nova companies have managed to develop more exciting products and provide better service and support to their customers. 

KRAFT PAINTS became a Nova member by being one of the leaders in the coatings industry in Greece and the Balkans. Nova members are distinguished brands with cutting-edge technologies and national and international reputation for excellence. 

Nova covers the globe. Its members are based in North and South America, Europe, and Asia, with operations in every continent. Overall, the scale of Nova's member companies is remarkable: 

  • Turnover close to 3 billion US dollars
  • More than 8,000 employees 
  • 51 global manufacturing sites 
  • Over 600 employees working in research and development 
  • Purchasing power of over 1.3 billion US dollars on direct supplies of main line components 
  • A raw material and supplier database of more than 1,600 quality suppliers 

This huge reach lies at the heart of Nova's success. Members do not overlap in terms of markets, allowing them to share information in a positive, non-competitive environment. This approach makes the most of the members’ strengths to deliver real benefits to customers worldwide. 

Information sharing is at the heart of Nova's philosophy. Its success is based on the open exchange of information, honesty, and integrity that all Nova members embrace. Members collaborate on business improvement projects such as color mixing schemes, production planning software, raw material purchases, and quality systems. 

But the Nova approach doesn't end there. Members are all leaders in responsible care and share information and knowledge on health, safety, and ecology issues. These can range from improved training to reduce accidents and clearer labels for customers, to the development of paints that actively combat pollution and projects that reduce water and energy wastage. 

Nova companies are at the forefront of customer support and service in our industry. Being a member of Nova is the clearest possible sign of a commitment to excellence in all aspects of paint and coating manufacturing. It is a position that we proudly embrace. 

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