Pratt & Lambert

Pratt & Lambert logoSince its establishment in 1849, Pratt & Lambert has been a symbol of quality, leadership, and innovation in the paint industry. We offer the finest paint products and a steadfast commitment to dealers, paint contractors, designers, and consumers.

Our accomplishments over the past century have positioned us as one of the premier paint companies in the market, recognized as distinguished pioneers in the paint industry. When it comes to quality, “we never compromise”. 



Over the past 150 years, Pratt & Lambert has painted a rich heritage, writing a history of quality and innovation dating back to 1849. 

Established in Buffalo, New York, designing a product that dries linseed oil. 

Listed on the American Stock Exchange. 

Establishes an industrial research laboratory for the development of new products and quality controls. 

Begins manufacturing exterior paints and oil-based products, such as interior varnishes. 

Recognized for making the best and most durable alkyd (oil-based) products.

Begins development of latex products and becomes known as a leader in the paint industry. 

Introduces the Accolade® Interior Velvet premium paint, known as the jewel of colors. 

Acquired by Sherwin-Williams. 

Launches the website

Ranks at the top of the customer satisfaction list for interior paints with the J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Interior Paint. 

Relaunches Pratt & Lambert Industrial Maintenance, a comprehensive line of durable products for the most demanding conditions. 

Relaunches the Accolade® and RedSeal® and Homes in Harmony™ Collection to the market. 

Introduces the Pro-Hide® Gold Ultra Interior line. 

Introduces Aquanamel® Waterborne Alkyd and FreshSpec® products. 

Improves its -Accolade® Exterior formula and adds Flat Sheen to its range. 

Creates the Color Journeys® Website and Visualizer.