The Druckfarben Group, aiming to constantly evolve and participate in a variety of interesting activities and actions, has entered into collaborations with organizations that share the same vision and are fully aligned with its philosophy. 

Specifically, it has signed the Diversity Charter and is an official member of Diversity Charter Greece, reinforcing its goal of maintaining an inclusive and open environment for all employees. Additionally, it is a member of the National Customer Service Week, carrying out actions and special initiatives for its internal and external customers. 

It is a prominent member of CSR Hellas and has been distinguished in the SILVER category by the Corporate Responsibility Institute, based on the Corporate Responsibility Index (CR Index), for its performance in the implementation of responsible corporate practices during the period 2020-2021. Moreover, it has entered into a collaboration with the Sustainable Building Council of Greece (SBC GREECE), an independent non-profit organization, with the goal of building a culture of sustainability and responsibility among all stakeholders of the built environment in Greece. 

With great pride, it is a member of Architonic, the online community that caters to architects, interior designers, engineers, and professionals involved in the construction industry. Furthermore, it is an equal member of the Nova Paints Club, an international organization consisting of the world's leading independent paint manufacturers. Lastly, it is a member of SETE, the Association representing the national unions of tourism enterprises, as well as individual businesses operating within the tourism industry, where it participates in the newsletter sent to all members on a monthly basis.