For KRAFT Paints, green is not just a color; it's a way of life 

Fully in line with environmental legislation and regulations, KRAFT Paints continuously evaluates its operations, implementing and improving energy and environmental management practices and systems. Through ongoing investments in innovation, research and development of new products, technological equipment, and conducting all its activities in an environmentally friendly manner, KRAFT Paints is committed to reducing its environmental footprint. 

KRAFT Paints is dynamically charting its own "green" path, both through its production processes as well as in the finished products and innovative solutions that reach consumers. Following the guidelines of the European Union, today the company is continuously reducing the presence of substances of very high concern in its product range in favor of more user-friendly ones. 

Kraft Paints’ interior wall paints family, Master, is the industry's first Eurofins certified color range to contribute to the Leed rating system. With 5 different consumer propositions - Master, Master Eco, Easy Clean, Master Hydrocontrol & Asepsis - the needs of every interior wall are met. The Eurofins certification validates that the products meet low emission requirements and demonstrates the company's commitment to quality and contribution to a healthy indoor environment. 


Today, the company is continuing along the same path in primers, which emit low VOCs to contribute holistically to indoor air quality and the Leed rating for buildings. The incorporation of the EDP (Environmental Product Declaration) certification in key product categories also reinforces transparency and a small environmental footprint. 

At the same time, it offers solutions that are certified by ASAOS and meet the criteria of the EU Ecolabel, with product codes in the category constantly increasing, contributing to the circular economy. 

The KRAFT Paints product range also includes technologically advanced acrylic exterior paints, the 4 Seasons Family, which ensure resistance to dust and dirt, as well as protection against microcracks. The 185 unique and durable shades of the KRAFT Reflective Collection are specially designed to reflect a large amount of solar radiation, reducing the heat gain on sun-exposed building elements. 

In addition to the architectural paints and varnishes of KRAFT Paints, the DRUCKFARBEN Group has launched the Bioclima range of external thermal insulation systems, which contributes to the energy upgrading of buildings and is specifically designed for the Greek climate. The presence of moisture in the form of leaks, condensation of water vapor, and other forms inside non-insulated buildings is a fairly common phenomenon. In such cases, understanding the behavior of the structural elements in the development of such harmful conditions is crucial. 

Building and ensuring access to sustainable homes can improve public health, reduce carbon emissions, and enhance urban sustainability and resilience - values that the company supports and advocates for. Over the past five years, the DRUCKFARBEN Group, to which KRAFT Paints belongs, has reduced its energy footprint by 25% and achieved a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. 

Overall, the company's energy and environmental policy demonstrates in practice that green is not just a color; it is a way of life.