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Better Love Life

It is not a coincidence that the 'barometer' of a relationship is the love life. A good love life determines the overall quality of a relationship, and when this area is lacking, all aspects of the relationship seem to be affected. We often say that 'the spark has gone,' but we forget that the 'spark' needs certain prerequisites - which we can always create. A small or big change plays a key role for this sensitive matter that needs inspiration, magic, mystery, and renewal to flourish. And renewing the space with a carefully chosen color is a change that can really get you “in the mood”. 

KR1865 Valentine Rose & KR1901 French Kiss are sexy, bold and elegant at the same time. Statistics show that the pink spectrum works 'wonders' in couples' bedrooms. We suggest these two shades that won't 'tire you out', as long as they are used in moderation and combined with a simple and thoughtful decor. 

kraft paints ερωτευτείτε με χρώμα

The Next Step in the Relationship

Everything is going great between you, and you feel that the time has come for the next step: engagement, marriage, or having a child... Whatever development you desire, start planning it within the four walls of your room! Often, a big change starts with a small one. By embarking on the process of transforming the color of your bedroom, you will, first of all, work together as a couple towards a small common goal that will 'bond' you even more, while the renovation of your space will subconsciously trigger a desire for further changes. 

The much-needed formalization will be favored in an environment dominated by matte nude or pink shades. The colors KR2030 He Loves Me & KR1976 Soft Rose exude emotion, seriousness, and sophistication. Embrace change and get ready for the big step… 

kraft paints ερωτευτείτε με χρώμα
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