Back to School! Colors for the children's home office

CHILD & COLOR  •  11 September 2022
kraft paints back to school

A children's home office must have the right specifications, ergonomics, and functionality according to the child's age. This space is multi-dimensional, it is not just for studying but also a corner where the child will want to spend most of their time at home pleasantly and creatively.

We recommend an interesting palette that can inspire both young and older students, creating a beautiful space for their concentration during study time, but also for their play time. In the abundance of options, the shades of the KRAFT Inspired Collection stand out, with over 1,700 hues, such as the green shade KR1528 Irish Hills, the color that hearkens back to nature, inspiring pause, deep breathing, and contemplation.

On the other hand, yellow, the color of light, energy, and optimism, such as KR1150 Perky Tint, boosts concentration and is considered ideal for mental work. Similarly, red, with dynamic shades like KR1263 Firehouse, increases concentration and knowledge accumulation, resulting in better performance in exams. However, it is advisable for these specific shades to be used on one wall or in decorative objects, so as not to tire the eye.

Blue is the quintessential color for study areas and combines beautifully with other pastel hues, creating a relaxing atmosphere. A calming shade like KR2198 Splash helps release tension and anxiety before exams. Finally, off-whites and neutral colors, such as CG530 Karpo, are always a safe and favorable choice for study spaces.

kraft paints back to school