Fall in love with color!


A short or long time ago... you met, fell in love, and today you are a couple living under the same roof. And like every year, you will be looking for a beautiful gift for your partner as Valentine's Day approaches. As the creative team of Kraft Paints, we have many ideas for you – for this occasion, as well as for any other – but this year, especially, we recommend a gift of inspiration and renewal for your relationship!

What's so special about this year's celebration?

For 2022, we have selected shades specifically for Valentine's Day, on February 14. The chosen range of 8 colors includes both warm and cool tones, with the aim of improving romantic relationships in various aspects.
The gift we recommend this year is the renewal of your relationship through a new atmosphere in your bedroom. Among other things, it will also be a wonderful opportunity to discuss and collaborate with your partner to beautify your 'personal space' according to your relationship needs and taste.

The aesthetically pleasing shades of the 2022 Valentine’s Day Colors collection all have a purely romantic character and belong to the most dominant global trends of 2022. Choose your favorite color according to your needs in your relationship and celebrate in the most romantic atmosphere!

Καλύτερη επικοινωνία

Better Communication

When was the last time you had an interesting conversation with each other or had fun telling jokes together? If it's been a while, it's likely that your communication with your other half needs a boost. After all, the fast pace of modern life, stress, and the many hours that most of us spend on phones/computers/social media, inevitably have a negative impact on both the quantity and quality of our communication with others, especially with our loved ones.

Blue, KR1711 Love Bird, is the quintessential color of communication and logic, while simultaneously expressing a very elegant, sophisticated, and undoubtedly original approach for a bedroom. Dare to try it, and you will be surprised by the new, pleasant atmosphere you will enjoy, while feeling an increasing desire for conversation, laughter, and games with your partner.

More Romance

If the initial excitement in your relationship is now a thing of the past, you've probably realized that a good relationship needs ‘work’. This ‘work’ is not necessarily something difficult; often a small gesture is enough as a simple reminder of the love and commitment we have for each other. Most couples fall ‘victim’ to routine and the wear and tear of time, resulting in them not enjoying their time together, without necessarily anything bad happening. Often, they have simply forgotten to put in the effort.

Here's a fun and creative "task" for you: Paint your bedroom together!

These two beautiful pastel shades of purple, KR1870 Lover’s Kiss & KR1882 Kisses For You, create a calm atmosphere that exudes romance. Transform your bedroom into a true love nest and start spending more time here together. Soon, something will have changed for the better!

Better Love Life

It is not a coincidence that the 'barometer' of a relationship is the love life. A good love life determines the overall quality of a relationship, and when this area is lacking, all aspects of the relationship seem to be affected. We often say that 'the spark has gone,' but we forget that the 'spark' needs certain prerequisites - which we can always create. A small or big change plays a key role for this sensitive matter that needs inspiration, magic, mystery, and renewal to flourish. And renewing the space with a carefully chosen color is a change that can really get you “in the mood”.

Καλύτερη ερωτική ζωή

KR1865 Valentine Rose & KR1901 French Kiss are sexy, bold and elegant at the same time. Statistics show that the pink spectrum works 'wonders' in couples' bedrooms. We suggest these two shades that won't 'tire you out', as long as they are used in moderation and combined with simple and thoughtful decor.

Εξέλιξη της σχέσης

The next step in the relationship

Everything is going great between you, and you feel that the time has come for the next step: engagement, marriage, or having a child... Whatever development you desire, start planning it within the four walls of your room! Often, a big change starts with a small one. By embarking on the process of transforming the color of your bedroom, you will, first of all, work together as a couple towards a small common goal that will 'bond' you even more, while the renovation of your space will subconsciously trigger a desire for further changes.

The much-needed formalization will be favored in an environment dominated by matte nude or pink shades. The colors KR2030 He Loves Me & KR1976 Soft Rose exude emotion, seriousness, and sophistication. Embrace change and get ready for the big step…