Quick changes for the Christmas pattern - KRAFT Paints

Γρήγορες αλλαγές για το Χριστουγεννιάτικο μοτίβο - KRAFT Paints

The happiest moment of the year is approaching, and the most pleasant notes will fill the space.

What's more beautiful than the festive mood!

Alone or with company, the whole family together, or even friends, everyone fills every corner of the house, and we all celebrate the happy moments of the year together.

Christmas is coming, and the mood is improving, while the solutions for the festive atmosphere in all areas of the house are here.

Ornaments and lights

Choose a warm color for the lighting of the festive space, such as the dining room. Bright yellow lights give a mystical feel to the decoration and offer a sense of awe as they refer to the candles in places of worship.

The reflection given by the lanterns will fill the walls with patterns and dreams.

Whatever color you have chosen for the ornaments, the reflection of these small lamps will make your decoration special.

Branches and a tree

These festive days are closely associated with the fir tree. Its dark green color brings the feeling of the forest and nature in the space. Place the tree in the area where guests gather, and its company will immediately add warmth and intensity to the space. With the right decoration, the tree will become your favorite corner.


Scatter tree branches that you can find in the market throughout the space and let your imagination take you to the snowiest of forests.

Γρήγορες αλλαγές για το Χριστουγεννιάτικο μοτίβο - KRAFT Paints
Επιλέξτε το σωστό χρώμα

The warmest color for every season

The background is what defines the space. It looks incredible and is an easy option that will create a timeless aesthetic in your home.

Choose the right color

Shades inspired by colors found in nature such as CG 683 Elato and the KR 655 Pilos in addition to Christmas and winter colors will also fit perfectly in the warmer seasons. Select a wall in a communal space of your home, from the dining room or the wall behind the TV, and paint it with your favorite shade.

Good to know

Dark green shades are easily combined with shades of natural wood but also with earthy colors as well as white and black. Think of your mom's classic front table in a deep cypress tree color.

Choose the ideal texture

A color with a gloss-semi mat texture. A texture whose slight sheen between the semi-mat effect will enhance the light of a space and give a sense of luxury.

The right product

Master Easy Clean, for immediate results. It allows you to paint every part of the wall due to its easy application and great coverage.

Spend only 2 hours and transform any space


The paint will have dried and you will be ready to welcome your guests.

Το σωστό προϊόν