RC 260 Sun Bleached Ruins Color of the Year 2024 by KRAFT Paints!

COLOR OF THE MONTH  •  27 October 2023
2024 color of the year

KRAFT Paint introduces RC Sun Bleached Ruins a light desaturated pink, a muted version of a bolder pink or red with glimmers of grey in it which give moody and earthy qualities to any space. The shade belong to KRAFT’s Reflective Fandeck which is designed for interior and exterior surfaces. It has a TSR of 70,5% meaning that it reflects the rays of sun over 50% helping maintain the temperature of the surface of the walls and ensuring the color does not fade.

This shade really reflects and plays with light, casting more shadow in the evening times, and feeling lighter and airy when filled with natural light during the day. Opting for mid tone colors in your home is an easy way to add color in a pared-back and low-key way. In morning light, the color might disappear altogether, while at a darker point of the day, when the room is thrown into shadow, the color might strengthen and appear more saturated. This means that mid intensity colors are great if you want a bit of flexibility both in your space and the way it affects your mood. We invite consumers to take a pause and infuse a new sense of ease and possibility into their spaces to establishes meditation and tranquility.

Decorating with RC Sun Bleached Ruins, a dreamy pink colored shade in your home sets the scene for the space. It is a warm and inviting color and sits on the opposite side of the spectrum to the blue and greens used elsewhere in the home. This shade creates a home that is dominated by nostalgic and inviting tones, which we believe is highly important to wellbeing, particularly in a residential space. RC Sun Bleached Ruins creates a warm and welcoming space, perfect for rooms where you want to invoke a sense of calm for your guests or yourself. This soft, muted pink provides a perfect, colorful alternative to the greige we're used to seeing.

The color palette that accompanies KRAFT Paints’ 2024 Color of the Year creates a harmonious mix of familiar shades infused with a contemporary edge. Combining elements of current times with memories of the past and a glimpse of the future bring hope for the present. Circling back to the campaign, Talk to me in Color, this shade enhances the theme of communication and openness which the brand stands for.