The role of color in relationships


The right choice of colors in home decoration can keep a relationship unchanged over time.


Color is a way of expression and often reflects our psychology, while it always awakens a different emotion in us. The color red, for example, is associated with passion, excitement, but also danger, which is why we see it prominently featured in signs that aim to grab our attention.

The psychology of color has been analyzed by many companies with the aim of attracting consumers. Our daily life is certainly colorful, but the key is to choose the right shades that will have a positive effect on our mood. Even our relationship can be affected by the colors we choose for our space. As our eyes perceive a color, they send a signal to the brain, which converts it into a chemical reaction. Thus, emotions such as love, romance, and attraction are born—essential elements to maintain interest in a relationship.

Based on the analyses around the psychology of color, we have created a guide with the right colors for your home.

Blue, the color of communication

Communication is the key to maintaining a relationship. While blue may not be the first color we associate with love, as color experts advise, blue facilitates communication and helps us open up to others. It symbolizes depth, trust, faith, and honest communication. So, don't hesitate to add it to your bedroom or living room, even if it's just on one wall. We recommend the shade KR1648 Milano Blue from the Inspired Collection by KRAFT Paints. Pair it with earthy tones in the space's decor or light-colored wood.

Μπλε, το χρώμα της επικοινωνίας
Πράσινο: Επουλώνει τις πληγές

Green: Heals the wounds

Every relationship can go through a crisis, but when it is built on solid foundations and love, it finds the strength to withstand the test of time. In this process of processing and healing wounds, the color green can also be helpful, as experts explain. Green helps us overcome the past and look to the future, awakening feelings of calm and peace. We recommend the shade CG510 Nafsika from the Colors of Greece Collection by KRAFT Paints.

Orange, for vitalit

Relationships are like flowers; they need care to stay alive, or they easily wither. Experts suggest adding a vibrant, bright color to your daily life and space, such as orange or yellow. These two colors automatically put us in a more playful mood, fill us with positive energy, and provide the spark for beautiful conversations and unforgettable moments. Don't hesitate to say 'yes' to an orange color, such as CG460 Astakos, from the Colors of Greece Collection by KRAFT Paints.

Πορτοκαλί, για ζωντάνια
Κρεμ και nude για ένα νέο ξεκίνημα

Cream and nude for a fresh star

Tensions exist and will always exist in a relationship. The key is to be able to control our emotions and impulsiveness so that we can leave the negative moments behind. Soft cream and nude tones are so calming that they have the ability to soothe us. They blend perfectly with wood and rattan, creating a Scandinavian style of decoration that has proven to calm the spirit. We recommend KR 1009 Peachy Keen and KR 1010 Earth Beige from the Inspired Collection by KRAFT Paints.

Purple, for ultimate relaxation

Purple gives a sense of peace, facilitates calm and personal conversations, and unites us with our spiritual emotions. It creates the ideal environment for meditation, as it has the ability to relax us. We recommend the shade CG446 Koboloi, from the Colors of Greece Collection by KRAFT Paints.