These colors will make your space look bigger


Get advice from design experts.

We would all like to live in a spacious, sunny and airy house. Even if we live in a small space, we can shape the conditions so that our space looks bigger and brighter, to enjoy it more and enhance our well-being. That is why we consulted the color experts who gave us unique ideas that can easily be applied to renew our personal space.

The common conception that only white gives light to a space is only the first step when one want to make a room look bigger. Interior designers are not afraid to experiment with dark colors, in order to create a sense of depth in the room creating the image of a larger space. These are the basic tips that will help you add color to your everyday life.


Fall in love with yellow

Sunny tones have the ability to light up a space, just as the sun lights up our mood. Feel free to paint your living room wall in a sweet yellow shade like KR 1371 Lazy Daisy or KR 1379 Lemonade from the KRAFT Inspired Collection. Yellow blends well with gray and earth tones when decorating a space. To create a space with contrasts, add lots of plants and flowers. We really like the contrast created between yellow and green.

Say Yes to Contrast

Contrasting colors create this exact effect. Choose to paint one wall in the room in a dark gray such as KR 2697 November Rain from our Inspired Collection or CG551 Ethos from the Colors of Greece Collection. This allows you to create a sense of depth even in a small space. For the rest of the walls, select an off-white, such as CG 498 Ola Kala, from the Colors of Greece Collection.

Ναι στις «αντιθέσεις»
Χαλαρωτικοί Τόνοι

Relaxing Tones

The bedroom serves as our personal sanctuary, where we take refuge to eliminate the tension of the day, calm down and relax. This is exactly the feeling the space should exude, so the color we choose plays an important role. A soft gray can create an atmosphere of calmness and peace, while still reflecting light to create the feeling of a larger space. Soft gray blends with white and earthy tones inspired by a Scandinavian aesthetic. We recommend the shade CG 542 Petradi, from the Colors of Greece Collection

White, an all-time classic

White is always in fashion! It is the canvas on which you will paint the rest of the house, it is the perfect base for even the most daring experiments. White also has the ability to reflect light, so if a room has a small window, it will look much brighter and spacious, even if the space is not too big.

Λευκό, η κλασική αξία

A small touch of color can make all the difference

Another suggestion is to paint the ceiling in a different color. Experts recommend a soft baby blue like CG437 Uranos, while keeping the rest of the room white.

Go Bold

Embrace small spaces and give them the style you desire. Don't be afraid to choose a vibrant orange, like KR 1283 Hope from the KRAFT Inspired Collection, even in a small room. In this case you can take advantage of artificial light to achieve the desired effect. Prefer warm lighting instead of cold/ low intensity.