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CHILD & COLOR  •  01 August 2022
kraft paints Ό,τι θέλουν τα παιδιά!

The children's room is undoubtedly the most pleasant room in the house, and  freshening it up is the most fun process. Today, in fact, that we have at our disposal a wide range of products in comparison to the past, our creativity can go beyond the conventional, and we can dare to paint or renovate the children's wooden furniture or even their toys. It is truly a beautiful feeling to see our own old children's stool or toy train get a second life and look new and wonderful in the hands of our own children! There are endless choices in colors, designs, and techniques, but when it comes to painting the children's room or children's items, our choices are not only about aesthetics. 

kraft paints Ό,τι θέλουν τα παιδιά!

First of all, we should choose the type of product, according to two important criteria: 

1. Healthy atmosphere 

It is important to choose products with low VOC emissions, i.e. with as little volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as possible. These volatile compounds are released after the paint dries and can cause long-term health damage, such as asthma, allergies, nausea, headaches, or even more serious effects on the central nervous system. We also prefer odorless products, ensuring an overall healthier atmosphere in the space where children play, read, and sleep. Water-based paints typically have less odor, lower VOC emissions, dry faster, and are less toxic. 

2. Durability 

The walls of the children's room are the surfaces that get stained the most and most often - from fingerprints and food residues to markers and paints. Fortunately, there are products available with special technology that can withstand multiple washes, scrubbing, and polishing, allowing us to restore the appearance of the surface without repainting. 

Today, we can easily identify products that are appropriate for the children's room, by looking for the label on the packaging that clearly states that they are suitable for children's furniture and toys. 

kraft paints Ό,τι θέλουν τα παιδιά!

Our Proposal 

We recommend two distinguished products for painting the walls of the children's room and for painting children's furniture and/or toys, respectively: 

Master Easy Clean 

Master Easy Clean is a high-quality and durable paint for interior walls, with great performance and coverage, suitable for children's furniture and toys as well. It is a product with top certifications and is also the first certified Vegan paint in Greece. It stands out for its high resistance to frequent washing and scrubbing, thanks to its advanced 3M™ Ceramic Microsphere technology, making it an ideal solution for spaces that get frequently stained, such as children's rooms, nurseries, hallways, schools, etc. It is odorless, with TVOC emissions up to 15 times lower than the permissible A+ limit, thus contributing to a healthy indoor atmosphere. Master Easy Clean creates a semi-matt surface that gives a sense of cleanliness and is available in white and thousands of shades. 

Wood Aqua 

Wood Aqua is a high-quality, waterborne polyurethane acrylic decorative varnish, suitable for wooden surfaces such as cabinets, doors, windows, as well as children's wooden furniture and toys. It is certified by ASAOS and meets the criteria of the EU Ecolabel. It offers an impeccably smooth and durable finish, maintaining its whiteness unchanged over time, without yellowing. The polyurethane modification it contains creates a hard and durable surface that follows the wood's expansions and contractions, protecting it for a long time. It is available in white and thousands of shades. 


Find the [EN71-3 standard] mark on Kraft Paints products that are suitable for use on children's furniture and toys.  

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