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Basketball Court

Games with Colors: Build your own basketball court 

Before the era of gadgets and social media, children's playtime was rarely limited to four walls. Today, more and more parents are looking for ways to take their children's playtime from the screen to the outside world. With just a few colors and a lot of imagination, Kraft will show us how. 


Entertainment for the whole family 

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have your own basketball court in your backyard? It may seem like a luxury, but with just a little extra space and the right colors, you can create the perfect space for fun and sports for the whole family. Find the right wall to build your basketball court and join the game! 


Choose Colors... 

The ideal basketball court opens up a whole new world of play for our little ones while blending in with the aesthetics of our garden. That's why we suggest choosing soft, warm colors like Deep Blue Aegean, Dust of Agora, Forest Green, Amfissa Red, and Vanilla Husk. 


...and score! 

We measure one meter from the floor to determine where the first color will end. Then, we mark the edges of the shapes that will frame our basketball hoop and tape them together. After diluting our paint with water, we apply the blue color using a roller. We peel off the tapes of the blue square and apply new tape to the borders of the red square. After painting the red square, we repeat the same process for the green and off-white squares. Finally, we remove all the tapes, put on our sneakers, and step into our shot!