Work from home: Create your own zen office 

Remote work has become a common practice, and many of us are looking for ways to set up our new home office. With a little inspiration as well as Kraft paints, we will show you how to create the ideal, zen office within your home. 


Find the perfect spot

Our working hours are long, and our fatigue can be significant. While working from home may seem more relaxed, it is important to create the ideal space that ensures tranquility and focus. Find the spot where you want to set up your new workspace, and let's get started! 


Choose the colors 

At work, we want to be surrounded by colors that inspire us and offer peace of mind. We have chosen the shades Eclaire, Beige Ballad, and Elle to create geometric patterns for a zen atmosphere.  


Design and paint! 

After masking our baseboards and sockets with tape, we apply a coat of our chosen color for the wall's base. We measure and mark the height from where we want the parallelogram to start. We mark the sides of the shape with tape and apply a first coat of our chosen color after diluting it with water. Next, we determine the center of our circle and pin a nail tied with a string. At the other end of the string, we tie a pencil. We draw our circle and then begin painting it with a paintbrush, starting carefully from the perimeter. Finally, we fill in with a roller. We arrange our furniture, and our new zen office is finally ready!