Baby Room

Baby Room

Nursery Room: A Small World of Colors 
A new family member's arrival is always a great moment for everyone. And what better way to welcome your baby than with a dreamy nursery room? With Kraft colors, we will show you how to create a whole world within four walls.

More colors, more imagination 

Our child's first room is their "gateway" to the outside world, and the ideal nursery room prepares them for a big, friendly, and colorful world. Choose an Ombre paint effect for your walls, combining three colors of your choice, and let your child's imagination soar. 


Choose your colors...

Safety, tranquility, happiness. Our child's dreams will be colored by the walls of their first room. And we want these dreams to be big and beautiful. We recommend the colors Glenti, Trakter, and Ammos for a serene and enchanting result. 

...and paint! 

We dilute our paint with water. Then, we apply two coats of the lightest color we have chosen, covering the entire wall. We measure the wall and divide it into three horizontal zones, marking where the following shades will begin. We apply our darkest color to the bottom zone, using a roller. After painting the medium shade, we gently run the roller over the joint while the colors are still wet. Finally, we repeat the same process for the third color. 

And our little world is ready to welcome our little friend…