Druckfarben Hellas innovates and creates a more sustainable future for all

Press releases  •  20 December 2022

One step closer to a more sustainable future, the Druckfarben Hellas Group has once again maintained its position among companies committed to sustainable development principles and strategies (ESG) through a series of innovative and substantive actions.

The goal and priority for Druckfarben Hellas remains to continuously invest in research and product design with innovative features that reduce its environmental footprint while meeting European and international standards. Within the broader strategy of the Group, equal importance is placed on the investment in stable human relationships, both with employees and partners, as well as with society.

The dimension of sustainability is present throughout the entire life cycle of the Group's products, with the constant aim of, among others, minimizing the environmental footprint of raw materials, energy and water conservation, reduced waste production and carbon dioxide emissions, as well as increased energy efficiency. The environmentally and human-friendly characteristics of the products are confirmed by reputable organizations, scientific measurements and certification systems.

With a focus on innovation across all its activities and a continuous contribution to the environment, the Group now holds a leading position in the flexible packaging market through the production and distribution of flexographic & gravure inks. At the same time, through the production and distribution of KRAFT Paints construction and architectural paints, as well as BIOCLIMA® building products & energy upgrade systems, Druckfarben Hellas consistently seeks and manages to meet and exceed the highest international standards in terms of sustainable practices at every stage of industrial production.

In this context, through a survey conducted to measure the outcomes of the Group's actions and strategies, which covered the period 2014-2021, the following noteworthy findings were observed: a 43% reduction in energy footprint, a 38% reduction in annual greenhouse gas emissions and a 58% reduction in fuel consumption of the corporate vehicle fleet per unit of product produced. There was a 32% increase in waste management, with 40-50% of total urban waste being recycled annually. In addition, there was 100% utilization of by-products from sludge, resulting from thermal or physicochemical treatment of liquid waste in the production process, in cooperation with certified waste management companies.

Since employees are the most important factor for growth and success for Druckfarben Hellas, the Group consistently invests in improving their skills by providing training hours and access to seminars. At the same time, a strict health and safety policy is implemented to ensure the continuous well-being and protection of each employee, eliminating the possibility of accidents. Additionally, values such as diversity and inclusion, with regard to human resources management, are prerequisites for the Group to continuously improve its processes, products and services. The recruitment of diverse employees, workforce mobility, the development of unique talents, work-life balance, and equal pay for equal responsibilities demonstrate the value that the Group places on respect, acceptance, and the recognition of the importance of differences between people. Furthermore, our Group has established a Code of Conduct and Ethics that aligns with the principles of Responsibility and Transparency, confirming our values and corporate culture.

At the same time, Druckfarben Hellas aims to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships. It maintains these relationships by adhering to laws, ethical business practices, as well as internal quality and safety control procedures. The Group seeks open and regular communication with all partners to better understand and support their needs, as well as improve the Group itself in every aspect of its business. An important proof of this is the fact that in the last three years, there have been no customer claims for compensation from an insurance company.

In terms of social responsibility, Druckfarben Hellas regularly takes many initiatives aimed at improving the living conditions of the community, with vision and enthusiasm, going beyond formal sponsorships as part of its corporate social responsibility policy. In 2021 alone, the Group actively supported 25 organizations, providing a total of 13.2 kilolitres of paint and covering surfaces of 60,000m2. With its contribution, hospitals, buildings of non-profit organizations such as "The Smile of the Child" and "Doctors Without Borders", as well as schools in Attica and Thessaloniki were renovated, among others. Additionally, the Group's employees became ambassadors for the “Race for the Cure®” sports event, aiming to raise public awareness about breast cancer, while special care was taken to support fire-affected communities in North Evia, as well as the Fire Department in Chalkida.

Druckfarben Hellas consistently adopts business practices and acts for the environment and society based on ESG criteria. As a result, the company has received awards such as the Bronze Medal in the "Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility" category at the Construction Excellence Awards 2021, and the Silver award from the CR Index for its sustainable practices in 2020-2021.