“Talk to me in color” KRAFT Paints' new campaign celebrates communication and the impact of colors on our well-being

Press releases  •  20 June 2023
Μίλα μου με χρώμα” Η νέα καμπάνια της KRAFT Paints εξυμνεί την επικοινωνία και την δύναμη των χρωμάτων για ευεξία

KRAFT Paints is inspired by the way people express themselves through their daily color choices, and through its new color trend magazine, the company gives its own interpretation of the psychological effects of colors. Through the new color palette, Color Moods, featuring 24 unique shades bearing names associated with emotions, it introduces its new campaign, "Talk to me in color!" Today, on World Color Day, KRAFT Paints invites us to use color as a means of communication to talk about our feelings that cannot be expressed through words or actions. 

Colors have always had symbolism and continue to be a special way for us to express and communicate our feelings without saying a word. Often, they are connected to life situations and depending on our changing emotions, they adapt and materialize what we feel. This is why KRAFT Paints creates a palette of colors and emotions, allowing us to "dress up" our personal space while simultaneously expressing our inner self. Through shades, each of which takes on a dimension and interpretation that uniquely expresses each individual, it gives the opportunity for the creation of personal expression, speaking through color. 

For KRAFT Paints, color is related to both the aesthetics of a space and the healthy atmosphere of the home. Shades are directly linked to and reflect our personality. Through KRAFT Paints' new campaign, "Talk to me in color," we give our routine and our life in general the color that reflects us, translating our emotions through a rich color palette. 

KRAFT Paints' new campaign "Talk to me in color" is addressed to all people who need to express themselves and embraces all of the company's CSR activities. 

See the new campaign here: KRAFT Paints Talk to Me in Color   

Collaborators for the creation of the video: 

Actors: Aoulona Loupa & Panagiotis Margetis Script: George Zafeiropoulos Directing - Montaz: Alexandros Papathanasopoulos Director of Photography: George Margaris Production: Vasilis Tsapopoulos Assistant Director: Zampela Haviara Production Manager: Periandros Alexoulis Set designer: Chrissa Kourtoumi Sound recording - Audio mixing: Chris Loupis Music: Eleni Arapoglou Color: Dimitris Karteris Costume designer: Georgia Nikologianni Makeup - Hair: Maria Veziraki Curator: Yannis Sotiriou  Electrician A: Vangelis Kontodimas Electrician B: Sakis Kostis Electrician C: Panos Pantazis 1st Assistant Camera: Leonidas Germanopoulos 2nd Assistant Camera: Kostas Papathanasopoulos Μachiniste: Nektarios Solidakis Grip: Byron Papadopoulos Assistant Costume Designer: Evangelia Delenda Assistant Set Designer: Elena Settou Production Assistant: Alcibiades Petropoulos Apostolos Talianis: Creative Direction: KRAFT Paints