Hydroguard Flex System

Two-component, flexible, polymer-modified, cementitious waterproofing system

Hydroguard Flex System (Hydroguard One 40 Grey/White + Hydroguard Flex Resin) is a two-component, flexible, polymer-modified, cementitious waterproofing system. It contains a new generation of enriched hydrophobic polymers and selected quartz aggregates, which provide enhanced water insulation protection, surface mechanical strength and excellent adhesion to structural substrates.


  • Complete, multi-purpose, "smart" waterproofing system with several combinations
  • Meets high technical requirements
  • High flexibility
  • Resistant to temperature changes
  • Excellent workability
  • High water vapor permeability
  • Non-corrosive (free of chloride ions and lime)
  • Indoor and outdoor usage


Packaging:33,5 Kg (25Kg + 8,5Kg),6,7 Kg (5Kg + 1,7Kg)

ΕΝ 1504-2
ΕΝ 1504-2

Technical Info

Technical Information

8,5 Hydroguard Flex Resin/25Kg Hydroguard One 40 Grey/White, 1,7 Hydroguard Flex Resin/5Kg Hydroguard One 40 Grey/White
1,2 - 1,4 Kg/m2/mm
2-3 hours

Application - Tools


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General Information

It is suitable for waterproofing horizontal or vertical surfaces subject to partial or continuous moisture, basement surfaces indoor and outdoor (before backfilling), wet spaces (bathrooms), walls, concrete, renderings and other structural elements.

Provides protection against carbonation of concrete.

Suitable for positive and negative humidity pressures.It is ideal for waterproofing surfaces that are subject to expansion-contraction, vibration and appear (or are about to appear) capillary cracks such as indicatively: roofs, inverted roofs, balconies, garnets, wet spaces (bathrooms), tanks, surfaces which will be covered with decorative tiles, high sealing zones in ETICS systems, dry building constructions, etc.

How to Use

To ensure good adhesion substrate should be sound, clean, free of dust, oil, lime, tar and loose elements.

  • Light soaking with water before use.
  • On substrates with high absorbency (eg brick, aerated concrete, old plasters, etc.) it is recommended to apply Eco Dur Aqua by KRAFT PAINTS diluted 1:1 to 1:2 with water. Caution! The primer must properly be diluted in order to be completely absorbed and avoid film formation to the substrate surface.
  • On non-absorbent substrates, it is recommended to use Epoxy Aqua Floor Primer by KRAFT PAITS with simultaneous application of quartz sand.
  • The application of the waterproofing layer must be carried out between 24 – 48 hours after priming. For necessary repairs before application (smoothing, grooves formation, etc.) the appropriate repairing mortars from KRAFT PAINTS are selected.
  • Application of waterproofing systems is carried out using a roller, brush or metal spatula, in 2 layers (at least) of 1mm/per layer maximum thickness. Each subsequent layer is applied crosswise after the previous one has dried sufficiently. If 24 hours pass after the last layer, light soaking with water is recommended before application of the next one.
  • On “demanding” substrates that are subject to intense stress and micro-cracks already exist - or may occur - (e.g. roofs, swimming pools, balconies, tanks, etc.) it is recommended, while the 1st waterproofing layer is still fresh, to reinforce with anti-alkaline fiber mesh (Hydroguard Net 75 by KRAFT PAINTS). The mesh strips overlap each other by 10cm. Subsequent waterproofing layers must completely overlap the grid mesh.
  • Tools should be cleaned immediately after application with plenty of water while the material is still fresh or otherwise mechanically.
  • Remove as much material as possible from tools before cleaning.
  • Stored on wooden palettes and in a dry environment with temperature above 5ºC for 12 months from the production date.

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