Strong Repair 84

Polymer-modified, fiber reinforced, thixotropic, ultra high-strength, concrete repairing mortar

Strong Repair 84 is a polymer-modified, thixotropic, one-component repairing mortar, reinforced with advanced adhesion and thixotropy resins as well as PP fibers. Contains natural hydraulic recycled binders (Recycled Green Technology) that improve workability and control hydration mechanisms, as well as active, amorphous, inorganic additives that compensate shrinkage tendencies and maximize mechanical strengths. Does not corrode metal reinforcements, zero percentage of chloride ions and lime.


  • Thixotropic
  • Application thickness 5-60 mm (locally up to 80mm)
  • Natural recycled raw materials (Recycled Green Technology)
  • Contains corrosion inhibitor
  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate
  • Zero shrinkage & dehydration cracks
  • Non-corrosive (does not contain chloride ions and lime)
  • Designed for dynamic-stress applications
  • Resistant to temperature changes
  • Indoor and outdoor usage



ΕΝ 1504-2
ΕΝ 1504-2

Technical Info

Technical Information

4,4 - 4,6 Lt water/25Kg, 0,9 Lt water/5Kg
17 - 19 Kg/m2/cm
2-3 hours

Application - Tools

Masonry Trowel

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General Information

Strong Repair 84 is suitable for repairs, structural and non-structural, of concrete elements on vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is ideal for restoring loosened concrete elements (e.g. due to carbonation, corrosion, cracking, stress). Also, it is used for structural reinforcement of concrete, restoring or upgrading the bearing capacity of the construction element. In addition, it can be used for preserving or restoring passivity (protection of concrete reinforcement).

It is applied, indicatively, to high-strength concrete elements such as: walls, columns, beams, tanks, bridges, dams, balcony cantilevers, parapets, ceilings, floors, where repair, restoration, reinforcement, smoothing & filling of rigid joints is required, etc. It is applied in thicknesses of 5 – 60 mm per layer (locally up to 80mm).

Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

How to Use

To ensure good adhesion substrate should be sound, clean, rough, free of dust, oil, lime, tar and loose elements.

  • Light soaking with water before use. Any excess water is allowed to evaporate or removed with compressed air.
  • On substrates with high absorbency (eg aerated concrete, old plasters/renders, etc.) it is recommended to apply Eco Dur Aqua by KRAFT PAINTS diluted 1: 1 to 1: 2 with water. Caution! The primer must properly be diluted in order to be completely absorbed and avoid film formation on the substrate surface.
  • In cases of rusted concrete reinforcement, the rust and other loosely attached particles are carefully removed (mechanically or by water blasting / sandblasting) from the perimeter and uniformly of the entire substrate surface (where possible). Next, it is recommended Rust Blocker Powder by KRAFT PAINTS (polymer-modified, reinforcement corrosion inhibitor and bonding bridge mortar) to be applied on the steel reinforcement (or optionally, also to the rest application surface of repairing mortars, as bonding bridge).
  • Application of Strong Repair 84 on the substrate is carried out using a metal spatula or trowel at a thickness of 5-60 mm per layer (locally up to 80 mm), firmly pressing the mortar into the substrate, to fill any pores or pits.
  • Depending on the conditions and thickness of application, any subsequent layers are repeated when the previous one has started to set. Otherwise, if it is repeated later, it is recommended to proceed with light wetting and roughness increase of the surface.
  • When usage of forming molds is necessary for the repair, light soaking with water on them is required previously (without excess water formation) and then repairing mortar is carefully poured, without entrapping air and creating pores.
  • Strong Repair 84 surface can be finished, if required, using a float, trowel or suitable sander as soon as the mortar begins to set and with gentle mechanical stress during processing.
  • Tools should be cleaned immediately after application with plenty of water while the material is still fresh or otherwise mechanically. Remove as much material as possible from tools before cleaning.
  • Stored on wooden palettes and in a dry environment with temperature above 5ºC for 12 months from the production date.

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