Colors for all babies!

CHILD & COLOR  •  13 July 2023
Χρώματα για όλα τα μωρά!

Pink for girls, blue for boys. Many parents choose these classic colors for decorating their baby’s room. However, being confined to stereotypical gender choices is not the only solution. We offer over 2000 shades to create beautiful and unique color combinations because, at the end of the day, the nursery should be comfortable, safe, and stylish! By painting just one wall of the room, you can instantly transform it into a magical forest, a sky, or a tranquil sea.

We recommend the green KR 1517 Baby Mint, which is calming, refreshing, stimulating, and promotes peace of mind and concentration. It is also very serene, calm, and natural. For those parents who prefer to stick to classic choices, there is the KR110 Baby Blush, a romantic, loving, and feminine color. The two shades can be combined with a warm gray, such as KR2665 Grey Wave, which is an intuitive and emotional color.

kraft paints Χρώματα για όλα τα μωρά!

MASTER ECO is a high-quality ecological emulsion paint, user-friendly, and environmentally friendly as it is certified by the Hellenic Council for EU Ecolabel Awards. It is also certified according to the strictest standards of the internationally recognized label Indoor Air Comfort™ by Eurofins, contributing to the air quality and healthy atmosphere within your home. Therefore, it is the ideal choice to welcome your little one!

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