The colors of Christmas - KRAFT Paints

Τα χρώματα των Χριστουγέννων - KRAFT Paints

Many elements and colors can be the source of inspiration inspiration for your Christmas home décor.

And what exactly is the Christmas spirit?

Is it just the decoration with greens and red?

Is it just the gold details?

No, Christmas is more than that. Countless choices of decorative elements in thousands of shades can create inspiration for a subversive but also classic Christmas vibe.

Gray collectible shades

Choose a warm color for the lighting of the festive space such as the dining room. The bright yellow lights add a mystique aura to the decor and offer a sense of immersion as they evoke the candles of places of worship.

The reflection of the lamps will fill the walls with patterns and dreams.

Whatever color you've chosen for the ornaments, the reflection of these little lamps will make your decoration stand out.

Τα χρώματα των Χριστουγέννων - KRAFT Paints
Τα χρώματα των Χριστουγέννων - KRAFT Paints

Shades of gray can be the starting point for your holiday decoration.
Is it Christmas time? The answer is YES.

The light and slightly darker gray refer to silver. Precious color that predisposes to shine.

The strong trend towards neutral palettes can look monotonous or bland. To avoid this, add small touches of other colors to bring excitement back to the space.

White balls with small gray touches or gray cushions on the sofa but also placed on the floor give a feeling of warmth and love which we all crave for on Christmas season.

Gray can also become a versatile background. Paint a central wall of the house with soft gray, such as, KR 2204 ICE LAND, from the KRAFT Inspired Collection fandeck and keep the atmosphere warm* and neutral enough to allow you to embrace your mood with additional elements in any color

*Grey belongs to the cold range of the color palette, nevertheless to keep the atmosphere warm choose warm lighting and wooden elements in the space.

How about a pink Christmas?

The pink palette can become an endless source of inspiration.

The nude shades of pink are help create a dreamy environment and project the soft joy and the warmth of Christmas.

Think pink fluffy ornaments on the tree and velvet fabrics in furniture accessories.

Dark Body, Pink Grey, Rotten Apple and Pink NORTH POLE KR 2518 by KRAFT Paints whichever shade you choose, all will give the perfect result if you want to transform your space.

Choose the right color in the right texture, (we recommend the ecological color Master ECO with a super matte finish that will give you the result you want) and give live in color moment of the day.


Duration of Drying: Minimal.

With the most innovative products of KRAFT Paints you can change the color of the walls in just 2 hours, as long as you choose the shade you love.

Master ECO

Dry Time: 1-2 hours

Repainting time: 4-6 hours

A new KRAFT Paints paint canvas

Finally, Christmas can have a new canvas of its own and not just for green and shades of red.

You can create this canvas yourself by thinking about what relaxes you, what element lifts your mood, your favorite drink and even your favorite perfumes, and choose a shade for each room for the festive season.

Τα χρώματα των Χριστουγέννων - KRAFT Paints

We thought of a coffee mug in the shade KR 1065 CAFFE MOCHA, that accompanies us in the days of relaxation and the aroma of cinnamon, KR1934 CINNAMON CITY. Elements of warmth that accompanies us while we sat on the window frame looking out at the snowy airy blue-green color, KR2476 WINTER HAVEN, and helped us fall in love next to the classic green, CG 683 ELATO, and the KR 1250 HOT IN SPICY Christmas red.

Get inspiration from any source of your daily life or childhood Holiday memories and find the shades that match from the KRAFT INSPIRED COLLECTION  and travel magically to every Christmas corner of your dreams.