Indoor Plants: What do they offer to our homes?


We bring nature into our home and enjoy the well-being and tranquility that we so desperately need. 

Taking care of plants and flowers on a daily basis may not align with your busy schedule. However, even if you're someone who can't keep your plants alive, there are ways to add some greenery to your life. Indoor plants require minimal care, and you certainly don't need to be an expert gardener for them to thrive in your home. 

Their benefits are numerous, especially now that, due to the unprecedented situation we are experiencing, we’re so nature deprived. Indoor plants filter and purify the air in our homes. They act as sponges, decreasing dust levels and air microbiomes by 20%, which are responsible for allergies, sensitivities, and respiratory problems. 

If you work from home or spend many hours in front of your computer screen, then houseplants are must-haves. Firstly, their refreshing green color improves your mood and increases your productivity. However, the most important aspect is that indoor plants absorb the radiation emitted by the computer and other electronic and electrical devices. 

In addition, they boost mental health and promote empathy. Even with minimal care, plants can make us more compassionate and improve our relationship with those around us. 

Ποια φυτά εσωτερικού χώρου να επιλέξετε;

The best indoor plants

Sansevieria (snake plant): One of the most resilient indoor plants. Place it in a bright spot for faster growth. However, if this is not possible, it can still thrive, albeit at a slower pace.

Dracaena: It can survive in low or medium light and requires minimal care. It is usually found in living rooms and commercial spaces.

Aloe: It purifies the air in the room and the gel it produces can be used for skin conditions or wound healing.

Pothos: This is a great indoor hanging plant. It has the ability to purify the air and suck up air pollutants, contributing to a better atmosphere in the home.

Jade Plant: A drought-tolerant succulent that requires very little watering and certainly beautifies the space.

How to incorporate indoor plants into the decor?

Indoor plants don’t only have healing properties, but they are also so beautiful and refreshing that they definitely add an extra touch to the home decor.

Their green color can create wonderful color contrasts with the walls and furniture. We’ve put together ideas to create the ultimate zen environment.

Πράσινο και Ροζ

Green and Pink

Two colors that blend harmoniously and create a relaxing atmosphere in the space that we all want to enjoy. Paint one wall of your home pink and create a green corner there by placing your plants. We recommend the shade KR 1863 Ella Rose from the Inspired Collection by KRAFT Paints.

Yes to Yellow

For a truly modern effect, paint a wall of your living room in a warm yellow shade, such as KR 1366 Mellow Glow from the Inspired Collection by KRAFT Paints. Place plants around it, and you'll create the most Instagrammable spot in your home.

Ναι στο κίτρινο
Do it Yourself

Do it Yourself

If you have a talent for painting, you can experiment and create nature-inspired wall art. Special painting stencils can help you in achieving this. You can draw leaves on the wall using the KR1548 Key West shade from the Inspired Collection by KRAFT Paints.

Warm Orange

In addition to their green color, we also love the shadows that plants create on wall surfaces, depending on the light that falls on them. Choose a warm orange shade like CG 413 Euphoria from the Colors of Greece Collection and play with contrast.

Ζεστό πορτοκαλί
Το πιο ζεν home office

The Most Zen Home Office

Working from home, in many cases, is here to stay. However, in order to have a productive working day, even from home, we suggest creating a zen office and filling it with indoor plants. They will improve your mood every time and fill you with energy to carry on. Choose to paint the walls of your office in a bright white, such as KR 1079 Star White, from the Inspired Collection by KRAFT Paints.

Dark Mood

If you love dark colors, you can still add plants to your space. Say yes to a deep green like CG 511 Mystikos Dipnos.

Dark Mood