The magical color of October

COLOR OF THE MONTH  •  10 October 2022
Kraft paints Το μαγικό χρώμα του Οκτωβρίου

Nature is constantly changing its colors around us, the light ceases to dazzle, and we start to long for a warmer atmosphere at home! We welcome October - the most characteristic month of autumn - and prepare to embark on a sometimes melancholic, sometimes vibrant journey, always rich in colors, smells, and emotions, ending with the highly entertaining Halloween!

The delicious orange pumpkin, the beloved symbol of autumn and, of course, Halloween, with its characteristic carved pumpkin lanterns that, according to legend, ward off evil spirits and are, among other things, symbols of transformation and rebirth. It is also an excellent source of inspiration for the color palettes of the season. This October, we are giving a special character with a subtle, elegant, and perfectly autumnal color at the forefront: KR1925 Pumpkin Spice/F from the Inspired Collection. Thanks to its inherent softness, with its yellow undertones and some 'magical' qualities that are hard to define, this is a color with passionate followers, vying to steal your heart and permanently accompany you for many years to come. It doesn't ‘seek’ attention, it doesn't tire, but it doesn’t get ‘lost’ either. At the same time, due to its quality that evokes the texture of materials, it envelops the entire space with a sweet warmth.

It is the ideal color to emanate an aura of luxury and sophisticated taste on its own, as well as to create unlimited decorating styles in combination with your favorite colors. We especially love its combination with blue (even dare to place a blue piece of furniture in front of the Pumpkin Spice wall) and with green, such as the KR1487 Maiden Grass /F from the Inspired Collection, which further accentuates and "warms up" KR1925 Pumpkin Spice /F while creating a very natural effect. It also pairs beautifully with darker browns, creating an absolutely earthy and relaxing atmosphere and a very "cozy" space that will keep you cocooned throughout autumn!

Dare to use KR1925 Pumpkin Spice /F outside as well... It is a very "versatile" shade, equally suitable for the exterior of your home, especially if it is located in a natural environment. Blending this subtle nude orange-brown with the greens, browns, reds, and yellows of nature will visually elevate the look of the building.