Pops of red for happy holidays!

COLOR OF THE MONTH  •  01 December 2022
Kraft paints Κόκκινες πινελιές για όμορφες γιορτές!

Christmas and New Years are here... and we cant hide our excitement: all of us are looking forward to the most fun holiday of the year that creates a beautiful and warm atmosphere in all homes!

Like every year, the green Christmas tree and the rest of the festive decorative elements play a dominant role in this season's decor, while the warm carpets,  throws and low lighting add beautiful scents that perfectly complement the atmosphere and create the coziness that we all seek days. But without color, something will always be missing…

Because we love color as much as we love Christmas, the KRAFT Paints color specialists created the ultimate Christmas shade from the Inspired Collection palette: KR1887 Merry Go Round. This dark matte red is made to transform the background in our living room into a fairytale setting. After all, Christmas is not only carols, ornaments and sweets, but it is also magic, fairy tales, indulgence and of course always an opportunity to express our personality, through custom home decor that thoughtfully embraces global trends.

The shade KR1887 Merry Go Round is an alluring, must-have shade this winter that will completely transform the look of your living room. If the space is small, try painting only one wall, or alternatively paint details such as skirting boards or window frames. Even a wooden door can be completely upgraded with this shade. 

This red is rich, with just enough blue in it that it's not overpowering. It provides comfort and elegance - perfect for any room. It looks great with warm wood floors or furniture such as teak and walnut and of course with vintage pieces. For an even more creative approach, KR1887 Merry Go Round is an ideal guide for shaping your overall color palette and materials. Dare to combine it with gray, beige, bright colors or elements of bare concrete and make a very interesting statement.

Happy Holidays!