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Wooden Door & Furniture

Give a new look to your wooden furniture / Give a new look to your home 

There's no place like home. But sometimes, even a beloved home needs a little makeover. Whether you're tired of your decor or simply want to try a new style, in just a few steps we will show you how to breathe new life into your home with Kraft paints. 

Small ideas for big changes 

Home renovations may seem difficult and exhausting. But they don't have to be. By giving your doors and furniture a brand new look or simply by painting them, you will see your home transform easily and quickly. 



Before we start painting, we gently sand the wooden surfaces of our door and furniture with sandpaper. We make sure to sand in the direction of the wood grain to achieve a smooth finish. Then, we wipe off the dust, cover with tape the parts we don't want to paint such as baseboards, locks, and door knobs, and we are finally ready to paint! 


Fresh color, fresh look 

Choose the colors you want from the Colors of Greece palette for the new look of your home. For our wooden surfaces, we use Eco Wood Aqua, which we dilute with water. For unpainted surfaces, we first apply a coat of Velatoura Aqua undercoat. Then, we apply the first coat of our chosen color. We use a roller for large surfaces and a brush for details. After waiting for 24 hours, we apply the second coat. We remove the tape from the doorknobs and skirting boards, and voila... 

...welcome to your new home!