10 Colors for Exterior Spaces: Bringing Vibrance and Harmony to the Outdoors

φωτογραφία εξωτερικού τοίχου με χρώμα

How to pick your color?

Choosing the right paint color for your home's exterior is a significant decision that impacts your home’s curb appeal and its integration with the surrounding environment. Here are some steps to guide you through the process:

  • Consider the Architecture: The style of your home can influence the color choice. For instance, earth tones might complement a Craftsman-style home, while a Victorian might call for bolder, more varied color schemes.
  • Look at the Roof: Coordinate with the color of your roof. The paint color doesn't have to match the roof, but it should harmonize.
  • Observe the Landscape: Consider the colors of the natural landscape around your home. Choose colors that complement the surroundings without clashing.
  • Take Note of Fixed Elements: Pay attention to any fixed elements that won’t change, like stonework, bricks, driveways, and pathways. Your color choice should work well with these elements.
  • Check Regulations: If you live in a neighborhood or specific region of the country, there might be rules about paint colors.
φωτογραφία εξωτερικού τοίχου με χρώμα

When it comes to choosing colors for exterior spaces, the Reflective Collection by KRAFT Paints offers an intriguing palette that can transform any outdoor wall into a vibrant, welcoming, and harmonious space.

Thinking of how to paint your home exterior? Here are ten colors that stand out for their ability to enhance the beauty of exterior spaces and even tell you the shades TSR - Total Solar Reflectance:

βαμμένο κτήριο εξωτερικά

Inspired By Rock Formations

Colors inspired by rocks, can convey a sense of stability and strength, grounding a home in the serene beauty of the natural world. They offer a versatile backdrop that pairs well with bold architectural features or lush green landscaping, establishing a harmonious balance.

RC157A Grey Rocks /F - A serene grey that mirrors the calmness of stone, perfect for creating a tranquil outdoor setting

RC218A Attic Marble /F  - Inspired by the classic elegance of Greek marble, offering a timeless aesthetic to any space.

RC 130 Stone Gorge /F – This  sophisticated, muted hue could lend a tranquil and timeless charm to exterior walls, blending well with both urban and rural settings

σκούρο χρώμα εξωτερικού τοίχου με παράθυρα

Derived From Nature

As the climate crisis intensifies, adopting trends that reduce our carbon footprint is more important than ever. One of these trends is biophilic design, which promotes the integration of natural elements into our homes and how we design and paint both interior and exterior spaces.

RC185A Dafnoudi Beach /F - A unique blend of green and blue, reminiscent of Greece's mesmerizing lagoons.

RC183A Poros Blue /F - Reflective of the clear skies and the Aegean Sea, this blue adds a refreshing touch to facades and outdoor walls.

RC 206 Olive Trees / F -  The evokes the rustic charm of a Mediterranean landscape and could provide a warm, inviting look to exterior walls. Its earthy green tone can blend seamlessly with natural surroundings, enhancing the home's organic connection to its environment.

ταράτσα με ξύλο και χρώμα
Κτήριο εξωτερικά βαμμένο με τζάμια

Modern Dark Shades

Dark shades of brown, make a statement, emitting warmth and creating welcoming homes. Dark brown can be combined perfectly with petrol and mustard yellow if you want the exterior paint color to grab attention, exude sophistication and style. Brown naturally goes well with other earth tones such as terracotta and beige.

RC 284 Milos Gemstone /F - A deep and luxurious brown that can give exterior walls a bold, statement-making appearance, reminiscent of the richness found in the landscape of Milos.

RC 161 Ioanian Abyss /F - A profound and mysterious color that can lend a dramatic and contemporary edge to exterior walls, echoing the depths of the Ionia sea waters.

RC212 Mavra Volia Brown /F - This rich, grounded hue might provide a comforting and stable presence, welcoming visitors with its depth and solidity.

Inside Out

This trend employs a palette of greens to harmonize the boundaries between the home's interior and the natural world outside. Balconies are transformed into lush, green sanctuaries that extend the living room's warmth outdoors, creating a space where colors from both environments blend harmoniously.

RC199 Kefalonia Pine TSR% 42.2: This robust and earthy green, with a hint of gray, anchors a room and pairs well with natural wood and stone, perfect for a bathroom that opens to a private garden or patio.

To get more inspiration about this trend, take a look at this year’s Trends Magazine.

These colors not only enhance the architectural features of outdoor spaces but also create an inviting atmosphere that complements the natural environment.

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