Home Office: How to create a Zen office at home?


Working from home, in many cases, is here to stay. The only certainty is that due to the conditions we are experiencing, it will last for quite some time. Therefore, you need to create the right space that will motivate you to work every day. 

Unfortunately, there isn't always a dedicated office space in a home, so we often end up moving our computer to the kitchen, bedroom, or living room. Even in these cases, all it takes is to transform a small corner into an office space, with the right layout and the right colors. 

Φέρτε τη φύση στο σπίτι

Bring nature into your home

Today, we are missing our connection with the natural world more than ever. But who said you can’t bring the outdoor environment into your home? First, we recommend placing your desk and chair next to or in front of the window or balcony door, so you can look outside. If your home has a garden, you are even luckier. Alternatively, place many indoor plants in rattan pots next to your desk. This refreshing touch will cheer you up every day. 

Yes to color 

Bright colors have the power to evoke emotions and improve our mood. Try placing your desk in a corner of the house. If you're looking for a color that will help you stay calm and focused throughout the day, then focus on blue, especially a fresh, clear blue shade like KR 1196 Crisp Blue from KRAFT Paints' Inspired Collection. Blue is known as a creative color that promotes relaxation and productivity. To create contrasts, choose a white desk and chair. 

Ναι στο χρώμα
Πράσινη ενέργεια

Green energy 

The color green can take you on a journey, even mentally, to fill you with positive energy and optimism. Is there a better way to start your workday? Choose a color like City of Green KR 2136 from KRAFT Paints' Inspired Collection and place your desk there. The result will be absolutely zen. You can also decorate the walls with many small frames featuring inspirational quotes, giving you motivation to work every day. 

Girly Style 

If you dream of an office that resembles a feminine boudoir, you can have it. Decorate it with pink accessories, playful objects, jewelry, cosmetics, or even perfume bottles. Fresh flowers certainly deserve a place on your desk. For a harmonious result, we recommend choosing a white color for your wall, such as KR 1031 Lace White from KRAFT Paints' Inspired Collection. 

Girly Style

The timeless gray 

Gray is a color often found in offices, making it an ideal choice for creating a functional and minimalistic home office. Choose a gray shade such as CG551 Ethos from KRAFT Paints' Colors of Greece Collection. Decorate the space with furniture in the natural color of wood and black and white posters, and you'll have the most modern home office. To enhance the natural wood color, choose the water-based polyurethane wood varnish Wood Shield, for effective protection indoors and outdoors. It prevents the growth of mold and fungi, and brings out the natural beauty of wood. 

υπνοδωμάτιο με γαλάζιο χρώμα West Coast Mist

These are the ideal colours for your bedroom!