These are the ideal colours for your bedroom!

υπνοδωμάτιο με γαλάζιο χρώμα West Coast Mist

Warm, calming as well as fashionable. The colours to dress a bedroom should contribute to improving rest and sleep, yet they should also add a tone of elegance in your space. The following are a few tips and tricks on the suitable colours you can apply to the most personal of all the living spaces of your home.

Selecting the appropriate colour for your bedroom can be a particularly interesting test of your self - expression. A test that puts inspiration and expertise into action. And this is due to the fact that choices are not unlimited, as the case may be with other rooms. It is particularly important to keep in mind the core purpose of a bedroom: to relax and create a sense of release, allowing us to escape from the worries and the anxiety of daily activities.

Every colour a sentiment, every shade a sensation
It is true that colour selection may be largely dictated by the personal taste of each one self. Still, we need to keep in mind a thing or two regarding “colour psychology”.
This refers to colours that help you to relax and rest, to make you feel that this is your personal refuge; an area where you can listen to your thoughts and clear your mind. Besides, the bedroom is closely linked to privacy; hence, the proposed shades are neither pompous nor distracting.
Before presenting a variety of colours appropriate for bedrooms, it is worth mentioning that using a single colour does not constitute an unquestionable rule. You might as well choose from a specific colour swatch and combine shades, adding slightly different yet similar bands and patches, to deviate from the base background colour. This will be quite useful in the future, in case you change the furniture or decoration; you will also find that it works perfectly against dullness. Our proposals on the subject are listed below. For convenience, they are separated into 4 categories.  

Neutral colours are safe and standard choices for bedrooms.  Such colours are grey, beige, ivory and white, although white is rarely pure. These colours are commonly blended with other shades and render light tones of pink, blue or ochre yellow.

  • Congenial Grey

It can perfectly match other bright colours on beddings, drapes or frames. Furthermore, the neutral bedroom walls allow relaxation, using bright colours and patterns to transform your space. A shade such as KR 2714 Crystal White from the KRAFT Paints Inspired Collection fandeck, resembling ice grey, may give the perception of larger dimensions in small rooms, and assist light diffusion in the space. It also contributes in focusing the room around your own personal taste.

υπνοδωμάτιο με λευκό χρώμα KR 2714 Crystal White

These are pronounced warm to emit the perception of cosiness and familiarity, helping people to love their personal space a bit more. Moreover, they radiate optimism and draw smiles on tenants’ faces. Let’s see three of these:

  • Warm Yellow
    Colour psychology indicates that warm yellow shades, gold as well as the range of orange hues, are cheerful, comfortable as well as lively colours. Especially for those having a hard time leaving their beds, shades such as KR 1374 Lemon Rind by KRAFT Paints, from the Inspired Collection fandeck will facilitate your morning rise. In rooms deprived of natural light, using such a colour will enhanced luminance and lighten up your mood. 
υπνοδωμάτιο με κίτρινο χρώμα KR 1374 Lemon Rind
  • Neutral Brown
    Calm and earthy brown shades that resemble milk chocolate, such as KR 2578 Little John shade by KRAFT Paints, from the Inspired Collection fandeck, impress congeniality and radiate affability. They also gracefully contrast colours closer to white and are a perfect fit for bedrooms dominated by wood furniture. We would however advise against the excessive use of such a colour at home, as it may lead to a rather stern ambience.    
υπνοδωμάτιο με καφέ χρώμα KR 2578 Little John


They are specified as such because they create an ambience distinct from other house spaces, inciting relaxation and warding off the pressure of a hectic day. By way of example:

  • Tender Purple

All shades of purple can be employed in bedrooms, except for deep and dark variants (these may impress depressive moods). Shades similar to lavender, such as KR 1744 Nemesis by KRAFT Paints, from the Inspired Collection fandeck, will make you fantasize you are in a field of blooming lavenders. Hardly anything can be more relaxing;

υπνοδωμάτιο σε μωβ χρώμα KR 1744 Nemesis
  • Dark Blue

Blue is considered to be a calming, harmonious colour that helps you meditate and immerse in your thoughts. The shades of blue ideal for bedrooms, are those of average depth and straightforward nature, so that they can dominate space in an intuitive way. Some grey or light greenish blue hues could be appropriate as well. It should be noted that shades such as KR 1633 Evening Shower by KRAFT Paints from the Inspired Collection fandeck, can be easily matched with different furniture and casing textures, as well as a multitude of bedding and drape motifs.  

υπνοδωμάτιο με μπλε χρώμα KR 1633 Evening Shower
  • Natural Green

Green shades always bring the forest and the countryside in mind. They have us lie in imaginary green fields. Shades such as KR 2145 Western Meadow by KRAFT Paints from the Inspired Collection fandeck, are ideal for rooms with large openings and windows; combined with the sky, they render a fabulous setting. At the same time, green shades closer to unripe olive, grass, green fields etc. are particularly friendly, refined and tranquil, creating an especially soothing ambience.   

υπνοδωμάτιο με πράσινο χρώμα KR 2145 Western Meadow


Pastel colours can be calming and serene, yet at the same time pop and ultra-posh too, constituting a further set of options to consider for walls of rooms intended for rest and sleep. Let’s see two of these:

  • Sweet Orange
    It could be the colour of a dessert or any delicate piece of pastry. Gently orange is ideal for bedrooms intended for young and enamored individuals. It could be excellent for collegiate - even for child rooms. It excels due to its inherent congeniality as well as warmth; a characteristic example is KR 1324 Sweet Tart shade by KRAFT Paints from the Inspired Collection fandeck. Among others, this may inspire an Instagram - inspired setting for a perfect selfie. 
υπνοδωμάτιο με πορτοκαλί χρώμα KR1324 Sweet Tart
  • Dream Pink

A romantic rose, devoid of intensity or excessive saturation, is suitable for inspiring a relaxed ambience for bedrooms. Furthermore, it is sufficiently bright yet stable, resulting in a balanced atmosphere in spaces and the individual these accommodate. Furthermore, shades such as KR 1238 Ruby Tuesday by KRAFT Paints from the  Inspired Collection fandeck, also allude to the candour of an innocent yesteryear, and this makes a significant mark, even though this is a colour currently trending in interiors.

υπνοδωμάτιο με ροζ χρώμα Ruby Tuesday
  • Faint Cyan
    The soft, pastel shades of blue are ideal for spring settings in your bedroom. Discreetness, tranquillity, avidness and a sophisticated neutrality that can constitute the reference mark for multiple decorative styles (from minimal style to boho as well as glam deco), the pastel blue subtly detected, such as KR 1587 West Coast Mist shade by KRAFT Paints from the Inspired Collection fandeck, constitutes a fitting choice as well as a flexible option that can accommodate various needs.
υπνοδωμάτιο με γαλάζιο χρώμα West Coast Mist

So Let’s KRAFT for the bedroom of your dreams! Find your ideal shade in our fandecks – Inspired Collection, Colors of Greece Collection & Reflective Collection and let the colours speak for your own sake!

*Shades may slightly vary due to the colouring of photos, the display of your device or the nature of the surface to be coated.

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