Gold Sponsors and Significant Participation of KRAFT Paints & BIOCLIΜΑ® at the Coating Forum 2023!

Exhibitions / Events  •  09 November 2023
coating forum

Starting with the Coating Forum 2023 and the developments in the construction sector, the Druckfarben Group, through its brands KRAFT Paints and BIOCLIΜΑ®, responded to the fundamental challenges of the chemical industry's transition to a circular economy. Mr. Georgios Karavasilis, the CEO of the Druckfarben Group and President of the Hellenic Coatings Association, mentioned that one of the most significant challenges for the industry is the green transition due to climate change. This transition now plays a central role in businesses due to multiple changes and strict regulations in the regulatory framework. Referring to sustainability, he emphasized the necessity to increase the protection and expected lifespan of materials and protected surfaces.

During his speech, Mr. Karavasilis highlighted that in the next 5-6 years, the European Union estimates the cost of decarbonizing its economy to be around 600 billion USD, as discussed at last month's European conference of the CEPE association in Milan. The future success and sustainability of each company depends on its relationship with society and the environment. The business plan must be able to support the supply chain from the beginning of the process in this direction. For example, the vertical integration of the Group's production process of KRAFT Paints & BIOCLIΜΑ® increases the potential to limit the environmental footprint of the products through the management and control of raw materials, energy, and waste.

For KRAFT Paints & BIOCLIΜΑ®, which are based on a new architectural culture contributing to cost savings and environmental protection through the green transition with reduced CO2 emissions, investments are essential. These investments are needed to cover the changes in market and consumer trends. Trends that will transform the way we operate and respond to new opportunities and challenges.

Every evolving strategy in business should lead the industry towards new sustainable directions that support sustainable development with transparency and respect through certifications and open communication among all stakeholders.