KRAFT Paints launches Arterra Patiti in the market!

Press releases  •  07 March 2024

The new product range of decorative microcement leverages innovations such as nanotechnology for a high-standard result with top-notch durability and a high aesthetic impact that transforms the technique into Art.

KRAFT Paints introduces the Arterra Patiti decorative microcement product family, a decorative material used from antiquity to today, capable of renewing a home or professional space in the most modern and sustainable way. Arterra Patiti can be applied in interior and exterior spaces - both on vertical and horizontal surfaces - meaning on walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, verandas, countertops, bathrooms, bars, and it is ideal even for a bathtub, a sink, a kitchen sink, a fireplace, and other built household infrastructures. Additionally, it is available in white, grey, and 40 other ready-to-use shades, following the latest architectural trends.

The product line consists of 7 new products that support the application process from start to finish, offering an unmatched result in both functionality and aesthetics. Essentially, it is a complete decorative coating system, served by innovative products that work masterfully together.

The Nano-Hybrid Primer is a polyurethane, hybrid, water-based impregnation primer, with nanotechnology formula, for absorbent surfaces, before and after the smoothing layer, as well as after the decorative layer. For the same purpose, but for non-absorbent surfaces, the Quartz Primer is used, which is an acrylic granulated quartz primer for decorative coatings. The Level Base is the Polymer-modified, fiber-reinforced, cement-based, leveling and repairing mortar, used for the smoothing and repair layer of surfaces. For the decorative layer, two nanotechnology products, Fine and Ultra Fine, are available. They are decorative, ready-to-use coating in pasty form, for microcement-style, ultra-fine finish, ideal for walls and floors. Finally, for the protection and waterproofing layer stage, two varnishes of exceptional durability, 2-component, Varnish PU-Aqua, and Varnish PU-S are available.

The Arterra Patiti products come in a variety of packaging, shades, and finishes. It's a material that's easy to use with exceptional durability.

Finally, as part of the launch and support that KRAFT Paints always provides for its products, two very successful technical seminars for applicators were held at the company's facilities in Aspropyrgos at the end of February. More than 100 professionals in the field were informed about the advantages of Arterra Patiti and gained all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge of decorative microcement technique system.