KRAFT Paints launches 'Chat in Color', the new AI Powered Color Generator!

Press releases  •  23 April 2024

Being the first of its kind in Greece, it utilizes artificial intelligence to assist users in discovering their unique color, drawing from their imagination, memories, or emotions!

"Chat in Color" is now accessible for free on the KRAFT Paints website. It's an innovative tool that fosters personal expression, opening up a world of creative possibilities for everyone. Thanks to this, the company once again fulfills its motto of ”Driven by Innovation”, while simultaneously evolving the color selection process.

Initially, the user can describe their ideal shade by typing, for example, 'Red - orange autumn leaves falling' or 'Summer sky with light clouds,' or upload a photo containing it. The application presents images based on the description and then provides 8 color suggestions, from which the users are asked to choose the one closest to what they have in mind. They also have the flexibility to influence the color temperature, saturation, and brightness. The final ideal color that emerges is matched with one to three codes from KRAFT Paints' existing color fan decks (Inspired Collection, Reflective Collection, Colors of Greece, Color Moods), while at the end, recommended combinations with other shades are displayed.

Chat in Color generates shades based on human inspiration and imagination, bridging the wonderful world of colors with the emotions and hues of Nature. It transforms words or phrases describing a color into images and finds the closest shade from KRAFT Paints' fan decks.

This intelligent tool can be used by both individuals and professionals in the construction industry, who can visualize the expected color with just a few clicks.

The new application fully aligns with the philosophy of a truly innovative brand, differentiating KRAFT Paints from the competition, while also getting closer to the customer's desires. At the same time, it creatively expands the meaning of the campaign “Talk to me in Color' that launched in 2023. Now, personal expression through color gains the dimension of chatting with a technological tool that understands you!

Try out the new tool here, find your new favorite shade, and explore the creative possibilities that technology offers in color selection!