The 2024 Color Trend Magazine by KRAFT Paints Has Been Released!

Press releases  •  24 May 2024

This is a collectible and practical edition created by the company's color experts. It uses color as a means of communication, explores current color trends, and suggests ideas and products for the aesthetic renewal of any space.

In this issue, readers can learn about the color trends of the season, explore unique shades and combinations, and read carefully original articles about how the right color can elevate architecture and interior design.

The new Color Trend Magazine features, among other things, six interior design trends that are reshaping spaces and our perceptions of life.

Through its pages, readers can learn:

About the shades suitable for households with pets that recognize their role in the home, considering their needs.

How to incorporate the principles of Inclusivity into a home, both through design and decoration, and through color choices that assist people with vision problems.

How decoration with an emphasis on organic shapes reshapes the way we see and interact with space, bringing a sense of natural fluidity, and the colors that highlight them.

About the sustainable green palette that merges indoor comfort with the beauty of the outdoors, bringing a countryside feel indoors, ideal for terraces, balconies, gardens, and rooms with a view of nature.

About the colors that will enhance the trend of detaching from technology in the home environment and reduce digital "noise," as well as those shades that consciously create a targeted connection between the online and real world, creating Instagram-worthy settings.

Additionally, readers can learn all about the 2024 Color of the Year, RC 260 Sun Bleached Ruins from the Reflective Collection fan deck, a light, soft pink that reflects and plays with light, and about Chat in Color, the new AI color-finding tool from KRAFT Paints.

The Color Trends 2024 magazine by KRAFT Paints continues the "Talk to Me in Color" 2023 issue, reflecting a philosophy that sets color as the main tool for communication and expression. It is available for free at paint stores and through Read the online edition here.