KRAFT Paints offers colors for Millo's mural! 'A Sea Tale,' A maritime fairy tale

Press releases  •  29 August 2023

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great Italian writer Italo Calvino. The internationally recognized Italian mural artist Millo, in honor of his beloved writer, came to Greece to create a large-scale mural in Vyronas. The high-quality acrylic paints used were generously provided by KRAFT Paints.

Millo drew inspiration from one of his favorite childhood readings, 'Cola Pesce,' also known as 'Pesce Cola' (meaning 'Nicholas the fish'). It is an Italian folk tale originating from the medieval folklore of Sicily and Naples, revolving around a boy who loves the sea so much that he eventually transforms into a fish. Italo Calvino adapted and included this fairy tale in his book 'Italian Folktales' (1980).

Millo is a unique figure in the street art movement with a distinctive personal artistic universe. His impressive murals feature black and white cityscapes painted with intricate illustrative art and giant figures of inhabitants exploring their urban environment. Reflecting familiar emotions such as love, hope, strength, loneliness, and fear, the protagonists of his narratives transport us back to the simplicity of human emotions.

The creation of the mural is part of KRAFT Paints' CSR program 'Cities of Color' and was a collaboration between the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens, the Municipality of Vyronas, and the Awesome Athens Experiences.