KRAFT Paints participates as a sponsor in the Museum of Cycladic Art exhibition: "Chaeronea, August 2, 338 B.C.: A day that changed the world."

Press releases  •  16 February 2024
cycladic museum

KRAFT Paints' love for Culture, History, and Art is expressed once again, this time through the sponsorship of an exciting archaeological exhibition, offering the public an unparalleled experience.

Specifically, KRAFT Paints participates as a "Product Sponsor" in the major periodic exhibition of the Museum of Cycladic Art "Chaeronea, August 2, 338 B.C.: A day that changed the world". Τhe exhibition explores one of the most important historical events of Greek antiquity – the battle of Chaeronea that brought Alexander the Great onto the political stage and laid the foundations for the creation of the modern world.

The exhibition will last until March 31, 2024 and includes 240 antiquities and historical documents. As part of this sponsorship, KRAFT Paints provided paints to properly prepare the exhibition and paint surfaces hosting the exhibits. Specifically, off-white shades from the Reflective Collection and Inspired Collection of KRAFT Paints were used to frame and highlight the exhibits.

This is not the first time the company supports significant cultural actions, covering a broad range of thematic areas, thereby practically demonstrating its love for Art and artistic creation. Currently, it also supports the artistic action "Colors & Minds," an "Experiential Art Program for Acquainting Youth with the Psychosocial Sector," taking place from October 2023 to May 2024 at the National Museum of Contemporary Art.

KRAFT Paints will continue with the same dedication to highlight initiatives and actions that substantially contribute to the country's cultural life in 2024, as it has done in previous years through its Corporate Social Responsibility program "Together We Color Tomorrow." Within the framework of the Program, it supports -among others- entities, organizations, and groups that promote mutual aid and support to people in need, as well as cultural entities and artists presenting significant work.