Significant Increase in Turnover and Notable Development Actions of KRAFT Paints for 2023

Press releases  •  28 February 2024
kraft paints_2023 goals

KRAFT Paints, a member of the DRUCKFARBEN Group, made significant strides in strategic development in 2023, leading to an increase in financial figures and laying the groundwork for achieving higher business goals.

As highlighted by Nikos Vlachakis, General Manager of KRAFT Paints: "In 2023, the increase in revenue from sales amounted to 14% compared to the previous year, with May 2023 marking a historic increase in sales. At the same time, a plethora of new job positions were created, more than 200 new corporate clients were added to the company's portfolio, and strategic partnerships were strengthened. It's worth noting that the positive trajectory of KRAFT Paints fully aligns with that of the DRUCKFARBEN Group, which presented increased revenue in 2023 compared to 2022, from 79 million euros to approximately 85 million euros, an increase of about 6%."

Additionally, in 2023, KRAFT Paints' product portfolio was strengthened with new categories and innovative products that captured a significant market share of the company's activities. With this choice, the aim is continuous evolution and the development of innovative solutions that meet and serve the needs of construction, repair, and renovation. At this point, it is worth mentioning the increasingly successful penetration of the Certified Advanced Energy Building Systems BIOCLIMA® in the domestic market, offering consumers a comprehensive and effective solution for thermal insulation and energy upgrading.

The Group's pursuit to be among the exemplary companies in environmental responsibility and innovation continued in 2023, as KRAFT Paints was recognized with a Silver medal by the EcoVadis organization for its sustainable practices (based on ESG criteria). Additionally, significant recognition was received in the area of workplace quality, being certified as an ideal work environment by Great Place to Work Hellas.

Furthermore, KRAFT Paints' dynamic and long-term presence, through its 2 state-of-the-art production units in Greece and Romania and its subsidiary companies in Bulgaria and Serbia, serves the needs of both the domestic market and Southeastern Europe. This is one of the Group's most important strategic pillars of development, as it enhances its presence in this geographical region exponentially.

All of the above provide the Group with assurances for an even more successful 2024, full of innovations that add value, modern corporate culture, and products that contribute to environmental protection, the green development of cities, and their aesthetic enhancement, always with people at the center.