KRAFT Paints conducted a technical seminar in Chios island!

Seminars / Webinars  •  28 March 2024

KRAFT Paints, with a commitment to supporting professionals in the field, carried out a seminar on March 27th in Chios in collaboration with the MPIRLI I. MARIA retail store, dedicated to local professionals and the development of the construction industry in the broader region of the Eastern Aegean.

The seminar was attended by a total of 30 professionals specialized in thermal insulation and oil painting. They were informed about KRAFT Paints' new technical solutions, advanced product categories such as repairing mortars for concrete and plaster surfaces, and the Advanced Energy Building Systems BIOCLIMA®, which are fully compliant with all modern European and National Regulations regarding thermal insulation and fire protection of buildings.

Chios and generally the islands of the Eastern Aegean face the challenge of the summer tourist season, which drastically increases the demand for work on hotel units and public buildings.

The seminar was conducted by Mr. Spanoudakis, an engineer of the company, who provided useful information through his expertise and specialized knowledge and answered questions from local partners. There was significant interaction with the participants, who expressed queries and observations, while the sales department, through Mr. Terzopoulos and Ms. Amourgi, assisted the audience with commercial issues that were raised.

The fire protection of buildings and the contribution of external thermal insulation systems to it, as well as the highlighting of technical details during the application of these systems, monopolized the interest of the audience.

The seminars being held throughout Greece continue to evolve the educational profile of the company, aiming to support the development of professionals in the field, allowing for the implementation of projects with consideration of the Greek reality, which is rich in microclimates and architectural tradition.