KRAFT Paints organized a technical seminar in Mytilene!

Seminars / Webinars  •  17 May 2024

KRAFT Paints, maintaining its continuous commitment to supporting industry professionals, organized a technical seminar on May 15th in Mytilene, specifically designed for local professionals in the construction sector.

The seminar was attended by a total of 140 professionals specializing in thermal insulation and painting. During the seminar, the new advanced product categories of KRAFT Paints were presented, including products such as repair mortars for concrete and plaster surfaces, as well as the BIOCLIMA® Advanced Energy Building Systems. These systems fully comply with all modern European and National Regulations regarding the thermal insulation and fire protection of building structures.

Mytilene, especially during the tourist season, sees increased activity in hotel units, holiday homes, and public buildings, leading to a rise in related work.

The seminar was led by Mr. Giavroutas, a Chemical Engineer, who provided valuable information with his expertise and answered questions from local collaborators. Additionally, there was interactivity among participants, who expressed queries and observations. The sales department, through Mr. Terzopoulos and Ms. Amourgi, provided further support on commercial issues raised.

The topics of building fire protection and the contribution of external thermal insulation systems (ETICS) to this, as well as the emphasis on technical details during the application of ETICS, monopolized the audience's interest.

The seminars held across Greece continue to enhance the company's educational profile. Through these seminars, professionals acquire the knowledge and skills they need to successfully execute projects in an environment rich in microclimates and architectural tradition, such as Greece.