The color around the areas that are cut-in with a brush appears darker than the rest of the wall that was painted with a roller (picture-framing effect).

Η απόχρωση περιμετρικά της τοιχοποιίας όταν εφαρμόζεται με πινέλο δείχνει πιο σκούρα, απ’ ότι στον υπόλοιπο τοίχο που το χρώμα έχει εφαρμοστεί με ρολό (φαινόμενο κορνίζας)
  • The paint applied with the brush was not thinned more than the paint applied with the roller
  • There is improper compatibility between the colorants and the paint. 
  • The brush generally carries more paint than a roller, which means it applies a thicker coat than the roller, and therefore the shade appears darker.
  • Apply more layers of paint to make the surface appear more even.