The paint does not cover, or cracks in patched areas

Εσωτερικά σε διάφορα στοκαρισμένα σημεία της τοιχοποιίας το χρώμα αδυνατεί να καλύψει ή σκάει. Πού οφείλεται;
  • Use of low quality putty ('paraffin') or the stocked areas have not been primed.
  • Insufficient preparation (drying, sanding) of the stocked areas before priming and painting.
  • Sand and clean the problematic areas to remove old putty, apply KRAFT SPACHTEL acrylic putty.
  • Let it dry.
  • Then sand, clean the surface and prime with DUR AQUA.
  • Finally, apply two coats of MASTER or MASTER ECO.