Time to paint

Καιρός για βάψιμο

Weather conditions (mainly extreme ones) affect painting to a smaller or larger extent. In small cases will the weather discourage you from painting your interior space and creating your ideal color mood. 

Just keep in mind the following painting tips and save yourself trouble and cost!


Always follow the instructions listed on the product labels.

Paints and varnishes are sensitive to temperatures so when applying them you should strictly follow the instructions written on the packaging. The ideal temperature for painting is 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Avoid painting on very cold or very hot days!

When it is very cold, the surfaces are cold, the paint becomes thicker and the solvent takes longer to evaporate. The opposite happens on very hot days. Extreme temperatures increase the possibility of problems in the final painted surface (such as streaks, wrinkles, reduced gloss, cracking, reduced properties in the paint).

Take care of the ventilation of the space!

With a good breeze, the colors dry faster and beautifully reveal the final shade while the volatile substances (VOC) faster leave the indoor space. On the other hand, a strong air current can affect the uniformity of the color gloss.