Road Liner

Acrylic Road Striping paint

Suitable for marking pavements, pedestrian crossings, parking lots, etc. It is also resistant to marks and wear caused by car tyres.


  • Quick drying
  • Resistant to UV radiation
  • Evaluated by KEDE (Central Union of Municipalities of Greece) and AETEC
  • Quite high brightness
  • Great adhesion on the pavement

Shades:White,Yellow RAL 1003


Technical Info

Technical Information

0 - 6%
40 - 50 m/kg
< 20 minutes

Application - Tools

Road Marking Sprayers

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General Information

Fast-drying, solvent-based acrylic enamel paint, suitable for marking pavements, concrete, pedestrian crossings, anti-skid strips, warehouses, parking lots. It is durable over time and resistant to exposure to UV radiation. It features quite high whiteness and brightness without being affected by the temperature of the asphalt. It is also mark- and wear-resistant caused by car tyres. It exceeds all technical requirements of KEDE (Central Union of Municipalities of Greece) according to ELOT EN1871 and it is classified according to EN1436 and EN13197..

How to Use

  • To ensure good adhesion, the surface must be dry, clean, and free of dust, grease, salts, rust, residues of previous paints, blistered paints, etc.
  • You can apply without prior thinning, with a road striping machine or a roller.
  • Cleaning of road striping machine: KRAFT NITRO SOLVENT 1100.
  • Store the product at a temperature between 5°C and 35°C.

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