Sport Coat

100% acrylic paint for courts

Creates an elastic, anti-skid surface very durable over time, which remains clean. Can be applied on previously painted or new surfaces of concrete (cement or asphalt).


  • Ideal for tennis, basketball, volleyball courts, etc.
  • High resistance to friction & external conditions
  • Great resistance to UV radiation
  • Great waterproofing
  • Great elasticity

Shades:Green KR2146,Brick Red KR2349


Technical Info

Technical Information

Ready to use
4 - 6 m²/L
1-2 hours

Application - Tools

Airless Spray Gun

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General Information

Colored, 100% water-based acrylic paint enriched with rock crystals, featuring high resistance to friction and to external conditions. It is specifically developed for use on tennis courts (category ITF:3, medium), basketball, volleyball courts, etc. It creates a self-leveling, anti-skid surface, of great elasticity and high durability over time. It offers great waterproofing and high resistance to UV radiation and to weathering, keeping the surface clean and the shades consistent over time. It can be applied on previously painted or new surfaces of concrete (cement pr asphalt)..

How to Use

  • To ensure good adhesion, the surface must be dry, clean, and free of dust, grease, salts, rust, residues, blistered paints, etc. Flatten out the surface and remove all moss, fungi and algae by mechanical abrasion, wash with soapy water and allow the substrate to dry.
  • Use KRAFT PUTTY for filling gaps, cracks and damaged parts.
  • On fresh cement, leave to dry at least for 3 weeks before applying and prime first with KRAFT ECO DUR AQUA or KRAFT DUR.
  • Apply 2-3 coats of KRAFT SPORT COAT.
  • Clean the tools and product residues immediately with warm water and soap or detergent.
  • Store the product at a temperature between 5°C and 35°C.

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