Color Choices for the Kitchen

Χρωματικές Επιλογές για την Κουζίνα

The most beautiful and drastic way to give our kitchen a fresh feel is to change the colors! Choosing colors is not so simple, of course; we must consider all the other objects that are in the kitchen, such as the cabinets, the floor, the appliances, the light that comes in, and how it changes throughout the day. 

Χρωματικές Επιλογές για την Κουζίνα

Here's what we should keep in mind to make the right choice

Color is light because we perceive it thanks to the light that is reflected from it. That's why a color can look very different in bright light compared to soft light. Let's observe how colors change during the day or how they vary with the presence – or absence – of artificial light in the space. 

Very often, the kitchen has warm colors that exude a feeling of “warmth”. This is not coincidental. According to research, warm colors like red and orange stimulate the appetite. 

Also, let's not forget that color is not just for the walls. We can paint a central piece of kitchen furniture, but also chairs or other objects. If our favorite color is not suitable for the walls, why not use it on furniture or an object to integrate it into the whole? 

Below are some color combinations from KRAFT's Inspired Collection specifically for the kitchen. Shades like KR1576 Impressionist's Sky or KR 1247 Just About Pink give you the opportunity to create a space with character that can embrace and unite the whole family. 

Tip: Let's not forget that the kitchen is a space with special needs, as it accumulates dirt and often has high humidity levels. Therefore, we should use a paint that can withstand the demands of such a space, such as the washable paint Master Easy Clean or KRAFT's Hydrocontrol isothermal plastic paint, which prevents the condensation of water vapors due to the temperature difference, and resists to the mold growth on its surface. 

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