Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

Βάψτε τα Ντουλάπια της Κουζίνας

In our daily lives, inspiration comes from everywhere. That's why today we recommend that you completely refresh your kitchen with a few simple touches on its cabinets. 

One way that you can add style and character to your kitchen is with bold contrast. Imagine a white kitchen with black cabinets. It may be bold, but if you love modern decor, it might just become your favorite room in the house. For a truly sophisticated look, remove the doors on your cabinets and leave them open. 

On the other hand, a shade of olive green like KR2405 Ranchero / F can add warmth and a sense of relaxation and coziness to the space. Combined with an olive wood color on the surfaces and walls, you can achieve the perfect style for an inviting space to accompany your cooking and family gatherings. Ideas for more shades can always be found in KRAFT Paints' colorcards. 

If your kitchen has a central freestanding kitchen cabinet, you can give it a dramatic tone with a bold and preferably dark color to set it apart from the rest. That’s a great way to add a bright, vibrant shade that you would hardly choose for the main furnishings of the space. 

Βάψτε τα Ντουλάπια της Κουζίνας
Βάψτε τα Ντουλάπια της Κουζίνας

If your cabinets are wooden, in a light or darker brown shade, you can modernize them with a gray color like KR2706 Midnight Air. Gray has the property of looking particularly modern and more refined than its counterpart, black. For a truly impressive look, you can make the cabinets glossy by choosing the right finish in the color. 

Finally, if you want to have natural elements, you can paint the wooden cabinets or refresh them with specialized wood varnishes. Wood Shield, the waterborne polyurethane acrylic wood-stain varnish, protects, decorates, and waterproofs wood. Due to the biocides it contains, it effectively prevents the growth of mold and fungi on the film. It has a very mild odor, penetrates in depth, and is easily applied to vertical surfaces or beams because it doesn't drip. 

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