Don't forget the corridor!

Μην ξεχνάτε τον διάδρομο!

The most common technique for decorating the hallway is to cover the wall from top to bottom with frames of different designs and sizes. The content of these frames, however, can vary from case to case. Depending on the decorative height of the rest of the house, the frames can also play their part. 

If you want it to act as a complement, then you will choose frames and content in the same style. Alternatively, you can use frames to display photos of family members, creating a memory wall in your home. There are still so many other ways that frames can become the most beautiful element of a home's décor. 

But there is another alternative: play with color. If you want to create a monochromatic look, don't be afraid, because monochromatic does not mean monotonous! 

Bold shades of gray, such as KR1990 Friendly Companion, can make a bold difference and offer a stylish and creative result. 

If you want to highlight another space, then keep your hallway in a white or off-white shade so that the eye is drawn to the wall color of the other room, such as the living room. 

Μην ξεχνάτε τον διάδρομο!
Μην ξεχνάτε τον διάδρομο!

White means light, summer, purity, the Cyclades, elements that are intrinsically linked to our culture. That's why the Colors of Greece Collection palette has so many shades of white, reminding us of everything we love about Greece. 

Like the shade CG477 White Santorini / F, which transports us to Santorini with its all-white houses that meet Kyma tou Aegeou CG 631

The ideal choice for your space is Master, a top-quality emulsion paint with the Indoor Air Comfort® certification from Eurofins, contributing to the quality of the air and healthy atmosphere inside the home. It also offers resistance to frequent washing and mold. 

The search for the perfect white has its rules: 

  • Warm white leaves a slightly yellowish effect. 
  • Do not mix warm shades of white with cooler ones. Stick to one tone. 
  • All white everything can sometimes look too “sterile”. Add warmth by using colorful furniture, wooden surfaces, or rattan lighting or decorations. 
  • For the purest white, paint your wall with products from the MASTER series, choosing white shades that are easy to wash. 

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