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kraft paints 2η τάση: Η θάλασσα μέσα μας

Create the ideal atmosphere in your home office 

You're back from your summer vacation, but are you ready to get back to the daily routine of work or school? If you feel like you need a boost, there's nothing better than a fresh update to the space where you work or study from home. 

The colors in the home office play a significant role in concentration during work and, of course, the mood they evoke. Choose the ones you love so you feel comfortable, but also take into account their suitability depending on the vibe you want the space to have. KRAFT Paints' annual Color Trends Guide 2022 will guide you accordingly and, of course, inspire you! 

The ‘hot’ trends for your home office

kraft paints 1η τάση: Γήινες αντιθέσεις

1st trend: Earthy contrasts

Although bold colors dominate the trends, earthy tones that exude calmness and serenity are always in fashion. Rich natural shades of sand and warm browns of clay, terracotta, cognac, and wood take center stage in a palette with a timeless character, while they combine beautifully with the colors of wood and rust, creating a sense of harmony in the space, as well as with shades of green for a complete return to nature. The earthy effect encourages communication and inspires collaboration, while supporting focused study without distraction. 

kraft paints 1η τάση: Γήινες αντιθέσεις
kraft paints 1η τάση: Γήινες αντιθέσεις

2nd trend: The sea within us 

Blue has the unparalleled ability to create pleasant emotions, and therefore, will always find its way into our lives. The deep blue of the sea is both calming and energizing, making it a 'must' in all its shades this year - from the softest and airiest to the darkest of ocean blues that inspire confidence and vitality when combined with other bold colors. Blue is the quintessential color for study spaces, and it pairs beautifully with both pastel shades for a more calming aura, as well as with bright yellows or oranges for a pop or retro vibe. 

kraft paints 2η τάση: Η θάλασσα μέσα μας

3rd trend: Explosion of joy, explosion of colors 

Vibrant fuchsia, dazzling reds, intense oranges, lime, turquoise, emerald greens... This is the dominant trend this year, foreshadowing a dazzlingly bright and explosively colorful future. If you're a fan of these colors, choose them for the space where you draw inspiration and let yourself be carried away by their pop culture. Remember, however: You can combine them perfectly with each other as long as you maintain the balance, so that the result is not visually overwhelming. Also, don't forget to incorporate a white or neutral canvas to highlight them. If your work is creative, and you seek inspiration every day, these palettes are ideal for you. 

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