KRAFT Paints imbues the spring sky with colors!

Press releases  •  24 February 2023

KRAFT Paints welcomes Spring and adds color to the spring sky with brushstrokes from the Colors of Greece Collection palette.

Inspired by the colors CG437/Uranos, CG680/Apokries, and CG620/Tarama Pink, which are suitable for the Carnival season and Clean Monday, the company has created three collectible kite designs, blending different shades to create captivating and inspiring moments of joy.

Through a series of actions on its official social media accounts, as well as in selected physical stores throughout Greece with product purchases, KRAFT Paints is giving away to 250 lucky winners the most beloved game of Clean Monday with its signature. Consumers, beloved influencers, and of course, the company's employees will raise these special colors up high in the sky this year's Clean Monday, embracing carefree moments with their loved ones.

KRAFT Paints' Colors of Greece Collection has become a favorite choice of consumers, both for its rich hues and its distinctive names. For a day that has the scent of Greece, no other collection could be a better source of inspiration for the unique kites designed by the KRAFT Paints team, inviting everyone to games of joy and optimism.