Ten products from KRAFT Paints received the EMICODE® EC1 PLUS certification!

Press releases  •  03 April 2024

This pertains to the highest certification in the relevant scale, which guarantees optimal health protection and high environmental protection.

As concepts such as climate change, sustainability, and the "green" home become increasingly integral to our lives and concerns, the demand for as many ecological building materials (adhesives, putties, repair materials, etc.) as possible becomes more pronounced. In other words, products that achieve their goals without harming the health of humans and pets, and without burdening the environment.

Strategically oriented in this direction, KRAFT Paints, which offers a multitude of ecological paints, recently saw ten of its products receive the highest EMICODE® EC1 PLUS certification for exceptionally low emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the German organization GEV (Gemeinschaft Emissionskontrollierte Verlegewerkstoffe, Klebstoffe und Bauprodukte e.V. - German Association for the Control of Emissions in Flooring Installation Products, Adhesives, and Building Materials). An authoritative body with independent experts and advanced laboratories where continuous checks are conducted.

The products include Powderfine Multi (a multipurpose repair putty in powder form), Powderfine Professional (an ultra-fine acrylic putty for spatula applications in powder form), Powderfine Exterior (an ultra-fine acrylic putty for internal and external use in powder form), Fine Repair 83 (a resinous, fine-grained, fiber-reinforced, thixotropic, high-strength concrete repair mortar) and Strong Repair 84 (a resinous, fiber-reinforced, thixotropic, high-strength concrete repair mortar). Additionally, two products from the Hydroguard family, a resinous cementitious waterproofing system, and three products from the Fixotile family (resinous, flexible, cementitious tile adhesives) were certified.

These products were awarded the highest EMICODE® EC1 PLUS certification, equivalent to the lowest level of VOC emissions, meeting the strictest requirements for indoor air quality. This is particularly important considering that the average 60-year-old person has inhaled more than 340 tons of air in their lifetime, with the majority of it within the walls of their homes and offices.

The EMICODE® system essentially evaluates what we breathe following the application of a product inside a building. Thus, the system allows consumers, craftsmen, and architects to compare and evaluate the emission characteristics of the building materials they intend to use. It also represents an internationally recognized environmental label that aligns with the dictates of environmental responsibility. The EMICODE low emission certification scale starts from the EC2 level, moves up to the EC1 level, and peaks with the EC1 PLUS level, which is at the top of the list.